A very short semi-ranty post

No, I haven’t tried any potion, lotion, juice, procedure, diet or milk from exotic beast to try to rid the … More

Akian’s Story

A guest post by Chris McKee further highlighting the need for cameras in special needs classrooms

Guggie and her Gaggle

I know that this is off the usual topics of autism, Pwd, quackery and, most recently builders but

Happy Father’s Day

Happy fathers day to all you wonderful dads out there and a happy fathers day to all you ladies who … More

Yeah, that!

Just the Vax has been one of my favourite blogs for a very long time now. I learn a lot from Catherina … More


This paragraph has been inserted about 6 hours after I began writing this post. People, I’m in pain.Not emotional yearning … More

To Mr Bigot

My little Pwdin is a force of nature. He’s tall, strong and very, very fast. This makes a trip to … More

Tit for tat

Oh dear. The Patriot Nurse thing is dragging on and on and I am beginning to believe it’s all my … More

Three little words

Maybe this has something to do with Pwd and KaBoom tearing up carpets then tearing up the flooring we bought … More

Le Packing – Pack it in

When Bruno Bettelheim proposed his theory, inspired by Leo Kanner, of the refridgerator mother, predictably, therapies were devised  to “thaw” … More