A very short semi-ranty post

No, I haven’t tried any potion, lotion, juice, procedure, diet or milk from exotic beast to try to rid the Pwd of his autism.  No one can show me that any of those things will speed the acquisition of the skills  we’re working on together; skills to help keep him safe and healthy. Besides, it’s his autism.  He is autistic, not me. Finding another child so in love with living and who he is would be as impossible as finding good evidence that camel milk will have him talking, reading and writing.  I wouldn’t change him for the world and anyone, however well intentioned, pressing this advice upon me is insisting I should do precisely that: change the Pwd to fit in or “pass”.  I’ll not say, “If I could, I would change the world for him.” Instead, I have to say that if I can, I will.



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