Re: UK, 4 years old, 46 pounds

An open letter to Kerri Rivera, Clinica AutismO2

Ms Rivera,

Re: UK, 4 years old, 46 pounds

The slides from your AutismOne presentation about using Miracle Mineral Solution  (MMS) to recover children from autism are very interesting. On one of the final ones, you requested that anyone sending you queries to include the age and weight of their child and the country in which they live. My son lives in the UK,  is four years old and weighed 46 lbs the last time we got him to stand still long enough to read a scale. My question for you is this: why in holy hell would I want to give my UK dwelling, 46lb, four year old bleach to drink, or worse still, force bleach enemas upon him?

You contend that, “Autism is made up of pathogens.” I think what’s being made up is your justification for, let me stress again, forcing bleach into autistic children rectally. It’s quite a list of pathogens you have there, incidentally.  You got icky germs and yucky parasites but are careful to cover your bases to include fungi and heavy metals. I call that widening your market. I am very used to anti-vaccinationists describing heavy metals etc as toxins, so much so I can’t be bothered to correct them any longer. You include them on your list of pathogens. I don’t mean to be picky but that is my default setting so, for your education,  here is the correct definition of pathogen (

“A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host.”

and while we’re at it, let’s revisit the definition of a toxin, shall we? Yes. We shall. (

“noun: any poison produced by an organism, characterized by antigenicity in certain animals and high molecular weight, and including the bacterial toxins that are the causative agents of tetanus, diphtheria, etc., and such plant and animal toxins as ricin and snake venom.”

Who knew? Vaccines protect against certain toxins.

I’m not going to go into the minutiae of your horrendous protocol, which amounts to no more than a tortuous purification ritual. Your step by step guide for child abuse is up there for all to see and be sickened by. What I do want to discuss are the effects of this protocol – the side effects as you would probably term them but what anyone with an ounce of sense would know as the direct effects of drinking bleach or having it forced into you rectally. Fever, sickness, diarrhea. “Weird things,” you state, “can happen when we begin using MMS.” The “weird thing,” that happens is parents who supposedly love their children convince themselves that it’s a good act to give their child bleach to drink or to degrade their son or daughter with great frequency with bleach enemas that only make them experience the “side” effects you list.

Your “treatment” is abuse. It lacks plausibility. It lacks humanity. You advocate dosing autistic children with your over priced poison to  treat the  fantasy symptoms of candida such as, “laughter for no reason.” I love it when by 46lb, four year old Welsh boy laughs even if I can’t tell what’s tickling him. I won’t do a thing to prevent that.


Ms Rivera’s reply to this letter can be read here.


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    1. Really 6000 children being treated and almost all are showing improvements. If that’s abuse I’ll take it any day.

      1. Define improvements. More compliant? Any independent verification of this “improvement”? I won’t hold my breath.
        “If that’s abuse I’ll take it any day.” It’s not your arse that your so called care giver is forcing bleach into.

      2. Tested by whom?

        Improvement. Really? Autism isn’t stasis. What sort of improvement compared to what you would expect with normal progression.

  1. I first read about this when Orac wrote about it and I think I buried it deep in my subconscious or something. I couldn’t bear to share it then. I’m glad you’ve addressed the topic though; I just have such a hard time trying to comprehend how people can be so worried about the “toxins” in vaccines and then think it’s completely fine to put bleach into their children.

    Off-topic, I had someone raise the subject of the Rimini court awarding damages to an autistic child – the only info I can find indicates that it was a local physician who was relying on Wakefield’s “research”. Do you know of anyone who has written about the case (in English)?

    1. I first heard about MMR through Rhys Morgan (fellow Welsh person) when he campaigned to have it banned in the UK. Funny, but this stuff has followed a path not unlike Wakefield’s – start of with crohn’s then on to autism.
      As for the Italian decision, I read a poor translation somewhere but I’ll see what else I can find.

      1. It’s banned in the UK too but they’re trying to get around it by selling “home brew” kits

      2. MMS not MMR would be my guess at what you meant?
        or is it so late that I’ve gone loopy?

      1. You might not bleach anyone, but you will make them sick and feverish. And administering enemas of any kind to a child for no good reason (ie not on the advice of a medical professional) is abuse, regardless of whether it contains dilute bleach, coffee or plain water. Would you like to be held down and have your rectum forcibly filled with liquid by someone eight foot tall? Or woken every two hours and be made to drink a liquid INTENDED to make you unwell? Engage your brain before leaving any more inane and offensive comments.

  2. Just another example of how the alterna-health and anti-vax community sees people with autism as less than human. There’s no other way to describe this than torture. I am nauseated thinking of how much these children are suffering, with no way to communicate their pain, in the name of “fixing” them.

    1. The more I look at these alternative treatments, I see a pattern emerging. There’s chelation – chemical exorcism and this, a purging, another type of exorcism perhaps but more an aggressive cleansing. It’s a quasi-religious cult of purity.

      1. Exactly. They cannot, will not, absolutely REFUSE to accept that this…thing…is their child. Their real child is within, but trapped by some sort of demon – vaccine injury, parasites, whatever the latest woo du jour. No child of THEIRS could ever be “less than” perfect (I use those quotes deliberately, because I do not think people with autism are “less than,” simply different). Therefore, they are perfectly within their rights to subject this thing to all sorts of abuse in the name of recovering their own child. It’s horrifying. And quite a bit sad, frankly. I actually pity them. Not as much as I want them prosecuted, mind you.

      2. Absolutely. no one will ever convince me that my son is anything but perfect. A perfect little autist and a perfect little monster at times.

      3. That was my thought as I read your post. It’s a purification ritual, which means it has to hurt or it isn’t working. Absolutely frightening.

      4. I’m new, but wanted to put in my $.02 and say that MMS sounds dangerously close to Scientology practices that use shock to remove “body thetans.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the inventor of MMS has some connection. Many argue John Travolta’s autistic son Jett died as a result of a purification process.

      5. Interesting point, Autismum … actually, these idiots are anthropologically interesting but really very dangerous. It’s a very worrying pattern, no?

      6. It terrifies me. The MMS thing is built around a cult. I also wonder (and I’ll get slammed for this I bet) if this isn’t some kind of revenge on a child who is so much “trouble” it is certainly a cruel and unusual punishment.

  3. Back to the Rimini court finding MMR at fault for autism. I don’t read Italian so I’m quite at the mercy of others. AoA (p’tooey) had a long article on it; evidently it was the Urabe strain of mumps vaccine that was found to “cause” the child’s autism.

    I’m looking around, I think the European Union league science (or something, I’m not remembering the correct name) has condemned the decision on science-based grounds.

    1. Thanks Liz – I replied with the obvious (these are lawyers, not scientists) but it would be nice to have something more substantial to respond with.

  4. great article my friend! keep it up hopefully the US will ban it soon enough like some other countries have hence making it illegal, but i suppose even if it was illegal there would be some loony parents still trying to “cure” us Autistics…

    1. There’ll always be borders to sneak over and loop holes in the law like the ones that exist in the UK

      1. I live in Finland – a veritable shit-hole (as anyone would find out after 14 yrs living here); but – I have to be honest here – for all that I rail about the place, I cannot see this MMS crap even making it to Helsinki-Vantaa airport without its purveyors being given some horrid grief from border guards and police alike.

        That said … they’re lapping up Facilitated Communication (or whatever else it is that Bilkin’ Biklen wants tocall it these days) like it was chocolate milk! :S

  5. What is more disturbing to me is that there are still families out there allowing their medically ill (autistic) children to remain in pain and in utter ill health when there are many answers out there!! My child used to be autistic….USED to be! He is indistinguishable from his peers, he is excelling in school, he is social, appropriate, and no longer hand flaps, lines up cars, rocks or stares off into space. Recovering an autistic child is no easy feat, it doesn’t happen overnight and it DEFINITELY includes getting a HUGE pathogenic load under control. Autism is an autoimmune disease. I would challenge any of you parents to try the MMS protocol for even one month and see the hoards of worms come out of them, then watch the clarity and vibrance your child experiences….the words that come from their mouths, the appropriateness of their actions…they sleep, their bowels normalize, they smile, they speak and they laugh, but this time, for the RIGHT reasons.

    Please don’t even think of telling the mother of a once autistic child that this didn’t happen on my watch, it did and I have testing to prove every nutritional imbalance, toxicity and many of the pathogens we dealt with, including heavy metals, candida, clostridia, e.coli, strep, and dientamoeba fragilis to name a few. The cause and effect is undeniable. Get the pathogens and toxins under control and gain a child who is not in a fog or obsessing over lining up his cars. I am justified in saying this, because I have personally walked the walk. I spent four years healing my child and I proud of every. single. gain. he’s accomplished.

    One last thought…if your child was diagnosed with cancer, you would JUMP at the orders of a doctor telling you to poison your child’s mind and body with chemo, why? Because the doctor said so? Well, of course! But doesn’t it poison every cell in the body while killing the cancer? Well, of course! In the long term, it’s a risk you are willing to take, to heal your child, isn’t it? MMS is NO WHERE near as dangerous as chemotherapy. It is NOT bleach!! Is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) the same as water (H2O)? By your theory, it MUST be, after all, they share molecules?! Right? Chlorine DIOXIDE is not chlorine, yes they share molecules, but they are no closer in molecular structure than hydrogen peroxide and water are. MMS is not even as strong of an oxidizer as ozone or hydrogen peroxide, which is used in human treatment protocols, as well.

    My wish for all of the autistic children out there is for the information to be shared accurately, because they are missing out.

    1. There’s so much wrong in your post, I don’t even know where to start.

      First, autism is NOT an autoimmune disease. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has to do with how the brain develops during early life. It has nothing to do with worms, toxins, pathogens, or any of the other nonsensical claims from the alt-med community.

      Second, autism is not necessarily developmental stasis. In many cases, it is merely developmental delay. It is entirely possible that your child recovered in spite of, not because of, any of the horrific treatments that you subjected him to, especially given that none of the treatments are scientifically valid for the treatment of autism.

      Please provide links to peer-reviewed journal articles that provide any scientific evidence to back up any of the claims that you’ve made regarding any of the (scientifically unproven) treatments you forced on your helpless child. Anecdotes are not data.

      1. It’s equally as possible that my child actually healed BECAUSE of me, and this I know as fact. My “helpless child” is no longer helpless, thanks to me. =)

      2. And he did nothing to contribute. He was passive in the whole process. I wish you were as proud of your son as you are of yourself. He sounds incredible

      3. Again with the obnoxious assumptions. How dare you assume I am not proud of my son, he is my world. You don’t know me or my family. The discussion here had nothing to do with pride for our children, you wrote about MMS….I am replying to that thread.

        Try some MMS, it will give you clarity, lol. =) I’m sorry to be crass, but seriously, this is getting ludicrous….you are jumping so far off the topic and using your anger to judge another mother about something you clearly know nothing about, it’s uncalled for. Can we stick to the topic please? If you want to know how proud I am of my son, write a blog entry to encourage people to be positive and uplifting.

    2. Jessica, I will give you a fuller reply tomorrow (later today actually – It’s almost 1am here) but for now, I’m sure this will give you a feeling for what I think of your nonsense. I challenge you to accept the child you have for who he is.

      1. For those who might actually be interested in some basic MMS facts from a scientist who has studied MMS for years. If you guys think only pets are subject to parasites, do some research. You live WITH your pets, parasites are on vegetables, in fish, in meats, in eggs, and on your neighborhood grocery cart handles, public bathroom doors….Just research Hulda Clark. She was a pioneer in this field.

        MMS is used to generate chlorine dioxide, and there is no such thing as “synthetic” oxygen. When chlorine dioxide is introduced to the system, pathogens are oxidized, turning them into debris. It breaks down into salt (NaCl) and water (H2O).

        All organisms and body cells have an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) that can be either positive or negative. The ORP is the electrical charge that cells exert on other things in their immediate environment. Oxidizers (i.e. chlorine dioxide) also have an ORP, mostly called Oxidation Potential, and all oxidizers have a positive potential.
        • All pathogens (poison producers) have a negative ORP.
        • All beneficial bacteria have a positive ORP.

        Positive charges repel one another. Thus the chlorine dioxide never touches the beneficial bacteria and thus the beneficial bacteria are not destroyed. On the other hand, pathogens have a negative ORP. Remember the rule that opposite charges attract one another. Thus the pathogens are attracted to the oxygen and are destroyed instantly.

        Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has an oxidation potential (strength) of  .95 volts.  Human tissue can withstand 1.28 volts of oxidation potential (the potential of oxygen) therefore chlorine dioxide is simply too weak of an oxidizer to harm healthy tissue.  Pathogens, heavy metal compounds and poisons cannot withstand the oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide and are therefore oxidized and destroyed when they come in contact with it.

        Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant…it is from the family of oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. But, chlorine dioxide is the weakest and the only one who has a voltage under that of a human healthy cell…0.95 and the healthy cell is 1.3.

      2. First, I don’t appreciate you shilling on my blog. That’s what you’re doing and I’m not going to tolerate it.
        Second, no one here believes that only animals get parasites. It is clear that many of the commenters are highly educated.
        I urge anyone who thinks that what is being claimed for MMS above to be true to check out this link:
        “This is silly in the extreme. Parasites, viruses, and bacteria, which chlorine dioxide suppresses, are made of the same organic molecules (protein, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, etc.) that human tissues are made of”
        Further, ask why is this vile stuff banned in the UK, Australia and Canada? Because it is bleach and no one should consume it.

      3. Hulda Clark is a discredited quack, which fits right in with the claims about MMS.

      4. Hulda Clark? The woman who claimed to have the “cure for all cancers” who subsequently *died* of cancer? Please tell me why I should take her seriously, Jessica.

      5. Thanks for coming over.
        I agree, Hulda Clark is only less credible than Jim Humble because at least he’s still alive.

    3. Jessica, I hope you read the link I sent you. Science Mom is eloquent and scathing and sums up pretty much my reaction to your comment.
      First of all my son is not ill. He has autism. Children who are ill do not bound around, sing, do funny little dances, want tickles and laugh and giggle (I don’t care what the reason). This is my son on a day to day basis. He has boundless energy and an amazing smile that he wears the majority of his waking hours. Sound ill to you?
      You talk about your son no longer lining up cars or hand flapping, etc as if those activities were the worst things in the world. My Pwd flaps – he enjoys it and it’s a way of calming himself. We use his lining things up as an opportunity for learning and discussion. Clearly, this behaviour bothered you to the point where you were willing to try to purge it from your child with bleach. How disgusting.
      You say autism is an autoimmune disease. Based on that I have two questions for you:

      1) Do you have any citations to prove that?
      2) How the hell would bleach fix an autoimmune issue? I don’t think you quite get what autoimmunity means.

      You challenge us to try MMS for a month. There are several reasons why I won’t be doing it but my top three are:

      1) I love my child
      2) feeding the child I love bleach or giving him MMS enemas is child abuse
      3) MMS is bleach and cannot do anything to improve symptoms of neurological disorders such as autism just like it cannot cure AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, Crohn’s disease or anything else the whack job Jim Humble claims for it.

      If I were to try MMS – which I absolutely would never do – I doubt I would see ” hoards of worms come out” of him. I doubt you saw that. If you really think you did then I suggest you need psychiatric help for your delusions. In fact, I think you should get that help anyway as you are a person willing to abuse your child in this fashion with this concoction.
      What I would get would be a child who is exhausted. A rupture in our relationship where he would be afraid of me and of what I might do or insert into his little body. I might get a more compliant child but, you know, fear and sheer exhaustion will do that whether you add bleach into the mix or not. I would also get a burden of guilt that I could not bear. I don’t know how you sleep at night after doing this to your precious child.

      “Please don’t even think of telling the mother of a once autistic child that this didn’t happen on my watch,” Your son seems extraordinary to me – that he has made such leaps forward is to be applauded but he did it in spite of you not because of you. And, lady, don’t pull the “you can’t criticize the mother of a disabled child” bull on me. I am criticizing you and I’ve got plenty more to say. Your lot in life doesn’t put you above that and I’m calling you out for abusing your child by making him take bleach.

      You are credulous and uncritical of the quacks who’ll sell you tests that always come back positive then sell you the cures to fix those made up problems. Are you a willing dupe? Is this some form of Munchausens? “Get the pathogens and toxins under control and gain a child who is not in a fog or obsessing over lining up his cars.” I would suggest you start getting your issues under control.

      As for your cancer analogy. First of all, I hope to never be in the position where I have to make such choices. If I had to I would seek several opinions of qualified and respected oncologists. I wouldn’t turn to snake oil salespeople. I hope I wouldn’t have your level of credulity and be able to use my critical faculties even when faced with such an emotional situation. Chemotherapy has benefits. It has side effects but as someone who has seen cancer very close up I know that chemo can give people time and can even save lives.

      Autism is not a terminal illness but a lifelong condition. I hope to have a long and happy life with my beautiful little autist and I will never subject him to unnecessary, unproven and implausible therapies however difficult his behaviour might become.

      1. Wow, all I see in your reply is attack. Bravo! I focused on facts, you however, well it’s pretty obvious you lack the respect to even consider talking to me like an equal. Ask the other thousands of parents who have seen these worms come out of their children, if they need a psychiatrist, in fact, I dare you to say it to their faces! We are human beings. I have pictures of the worms I have seen and so do the others. They are identical….but wait, you would rather let your child be “who he is”….infested. Sad.

        So why bother discussing this further, you won’t see past your own delusions. I just think it’s sad that you spew this utter nonsense and you have the gall to attack me for healing my child?? Shame on you, really, shame on you. A simple, “congrats on healing your child” even though you don’t agree with my methods would have been sufficient.

        I have no desire to debate every point you so eloquently chose to make….oh wait, there were no points, that’s right, only attacks on my character. Congrats! You’ve just shown your true colors.

        So I will end on this note – I am above attacking another parent for being different, I choose tolerance. So I am done with this conversation, I am going to go enjoy (yup, I enjoy my children, as well) my beautiful healthy children rather than wasting my precious time on making fruitless points here.

        To the others who have chosen to jump in on the author’s attacks, enjoy reading each others’ negativity, I won’t partake. I choose positive healing energy for myself and my family.

      2. I know you don’t know me in real life so you’re going to have to trust me on this one but, oh yes, I would scream “Bullshit” right at them. I can’t stand by and say nothing about this abuse – not on the internet and not in real life.
        And no, I will not talk to you as an equal because I do not see myself as equal to someone who gives their kid bleach because they cannot accept how that child was born. That offends you. Too bad.
        My child is not infested, Oh wait, he caught nits once. Other than that no infestations here. You cry “Shame on you” saying I attacked you for healing your child. I criticized you for administering poison to your child and anyone else coming here saying they’ve done that is going to get the same treatment. I have praised your son for making such progress. He did that. Your incredible, precious son. I wish the both of you happiness in the future.

      3. Autismum that was beautiful.
        And worms?… I do not think she has got a clue as to what she saw, it sure as hell wasn’t worms.

      4. Sorry, I am going to go off on a tangent here, I don’t even remember how I stumbled across this blog, but to pick at an insignificant point it is very likely she did see “hoards of worms come out” because lots of people, including children of course, have intestinal parasites. Roughly a third of people in the Netherlands have them (per some immunologist who was giving a talk about it at my husband’s place of work a few years ago). Diarrhea and poisons shooting through the digestive system very likely flushed some unwelcome visitors out. There is so much to criticize in the initial post I don’t think it is necessary to shoot down something that is unimportant, irrelevant, and likely true. The important point is that intestinal parasites have nothing to do with autism. And (for a second) supposing autism actually were an auto-immune disorder, getting rid of parasites is actually a *bad* move. One of the scientifically supported treatments of auto-immune disorders is “helminthic therapy” or deliberate infestation of intestinal worms. So not only does it not support her point, it works against it.

    4. You can’t *cure* autism. What you did to your son is no less than child abuse. Stunningly sickening; even more so when you can’t see how beautiful your son already was.

      And as to your derpisms about chemistry – yes, it is bleach. No amount of denial is going to change that.

      While you are at it, go and get an education in the basic sciences, you are in desperate need of it.

    5. Congratulations on your successful treatment of your child! I hope for the same for my son!

      1. That’s the way. Congratulate someone for poisoning their child with bleach.

        It is bleach. Bleach I tell you, bleach. You are feeding your children bleach, you are squirting it up their bums. You are purposely making them ill, with bleach. You are making them retch, with bleach.

        How deluded and devoid if any critical thinking faculties do you need to be to feed your child…


      2. congratulations for introducing dangerous quantities of a household cleaning chemical into the digestive tract of a child? are you people naturally stupid, or do you practice?

      1. It’s incredible to me that Jessica finds it disturbing that parents *aren’t* giving their children bleach enemas or making them drink it.

    6. Why do people confuse normal cognitive and social development with “cure”. I have a non autistic child who couldn’t speak when they were born, now they can. Where they “cured” of being a baby?

      The spectrum of deficits and developments that an ASD person may have is quite large. However in almost all cases some development is likely, even without any intervention. To claim that a completely non sensical, non evidenced, and frankly asinine treatment (for supposed conditions that both do not exist and certainly do not cause autism) is the reason why a particular ASD person developed is simply ludicrous.

      The behavioral and social interventions that may help an ASD person are quite wide (and still not studied well enough). The thing is it is far more likely your own interaction with your child contributed more to their development than did shoving bleach up his arse!

    7. As an autistic adult myself, I can tell you you’re wrong, I would tell it to yourself, and I would petition child services to take your child away. I never had ANY treatment for autism, but I grew up just fine – turns out it is a developmental disorder, not a pathogen. I’m still autistic, but I’m also physically healthy. I like who I am. You’re putting poisons into your child’s body that are doing nothing for him that won’t happen itself with love and guidance, If my mother had done this to me, and should I have survived to adulthood I would have disowned her by now. Fortunately, my mother isn’t as gullible as you, and did the right thing for me – she loved me, even when I was lining up my toy cars (which, by the way, it a relatively normal thing for children without autism to do). You’re an idiot, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. I agree. I found it fascinating to watch my child line up her Lego blocks. There was even a colour pattern to the way she did it. This lady needs educating. Candida feeds on sugar, so that could be removed from the gut by withdrawing it from the diet. As for Autism being an Auto immune disorder, this is rubbish, it’s not Aids, it’s brain damage. I would never expect my child to tolerate anything I wouldn’t take myself. Have bleach up your arse and see if it makes you feel better.

    8. Jessica,

      If MMS is so great, do you use it yourself?

      The reason cancer chemotherapy is so toxic to normal cells is because cancer cells ARE your normal cells with mutations that increase proliferation. With regular pathogens that are different from your normal cells, there are many antibiotics and antivirals that are much more toxic to the pathogens than they are to yourself. That’s why they are used to treat diseases instead of things like bleach, that kill just about every cell they come into contact with at similar concentrations.

      1. Indeed, why aren’t you slipping some industrial grade floor cleaner into your glass of goon bag wine every night? How about mixing it in with your sauce for your horrid raw potatoes? (One can only assume you are an organic wholefoods, rawfoods nut as well). Maybe use a bit of it instead of balsamic vinegar in your vinaigrette?

        Why are you not using it?

    9. Karen W*****, I am not allowing you to use this blog as a means of contacting other parents with a view to abusing you child/children as they do. I will not allow such comments through moderation.

    10. I cannot agree with you more. My son is FULL of fungus, bacteria, and now….with MMS protocol, I’m see parasites leaving. Who would NOT treat a neurotypical child with any of these?
      Furthermore, others on this blog should do their research….it isn’t bleach

      1. I think you should do your research. Yes it is bleach. In fact two days ago I used the exact same chemical to clean the mould off my tennis court. I spilt some and caused a small chemical burn on my foot.

        What are you seeing leaving? You think it is parasites?

        To use sodium hypochlorite to kill parasites will cause massive damage to the mucous membranes of your gut. Secondly the stuff you are seeing isn’t fungus and parasites it slough, damaged tissue from your child’s gut.

      1. Just to clarify, the above was in response to Jessica’s post about how she supposedly cured Autism. I mean, only diseases can be cured, and Autism isn’t a disease.

  6. My son is doing great on MMS after just two weeks. We run a Son-Rise Program, where we embrace our child’s autism and challenges and find ways to connect through play. My son Liam has made great strides in this program the past year and a half, but there is a noticeable difference in his attention span ability the last week. He is watching my mouth form words now, not bouncing off the walls as much as he had been before. He has had yeast issues, many food sensitivities and we are on strict diets. Yet he would have stomach aches and gas pains are almost daily. These have disappeared with using MMS (small dosage, working up each day to a max dose of only 9 activated drops throughout 12 hrs). He has had absolutely NO negative side effects. He is hugging me, chasing his sister around more. I researched MMS thoroughly, all the arguments against also, before I began because I would never want to harm my child to overcome autism (hence, why we chose a very child-directed approach for therapy also in the first place). I don’t plan on subjecting him to an enema unless he understood and allowed me to because he is only three and I want to keep his trust. I will follow the other protocols and Kerri Rivera has been nothing but helpful to me in my search to help restore my child’s health. I totally believe autism is an immune-disorder and until we have an open mind to consider immune-therapies like MMS offers, we won’t know what can help these children. 1 in 88! Come on, we have to take this epidemic serious and listen to the innovations that rise from intelligent, caring people. Please do more research before you discredit something. IT IS WORKING, THE CHILDREN ARE GETTING BETTER. That evidence will not go away.

    1. Your son sounds adorable. Please stop feeding him bleach. MMS creator, Jim Humble is a charlatan and has started a church based around this wretched stuff. Further, just because you ” totally believe autism is an immune-disorder” doesn’t make it so. Even if it were how would MMS help that? There’s a huge flaw in your rationale right there.
      As for autism being an epidemic can you not see that this term is being bandied about to frighten people out of making good choices for their children’s health? This is recruitment to a fringe idea to suck you in and get you to part with your hard earned cash on stuff like MMS.
      You contend that, “we have to take this epidemic serious and listen to the innovations that rise from intelligent, caring people” perhaps so but if you think a woman who encourages child abuse is “caring” then we have very different ideas of what that word means.

    2. An “open mind to consider immune therapies like MMS”???
      MMS is not an immune therapy. nor do immune therapies work in autism.

      I think your idea of “research” (gullibly drinking in every type of internet quackery because it is dressed up in pseudoscientific terminology) and proper “research” as performed by and published by real scientists and only accepted after being subjected to the intense scrutiny by their peers are worlds apart.

      You are deluded, not by intent, but have had the wool pulled over your eyes by what is nothing but a snake-oil salesman exploiting peoples’ natural desire to “do something” to try and help their child, even when that something is likely to be harmful.

    3. Seriously, you have to be absolutely insane to do that to your child. You are feeding your child bleach, giving him enemas with the stuff!

      This is tantamount to child abuse.

    4. Congrats on branching out and considering this epidemic (genes do not create epidemics) to be an external influence! Your child is very lucky to have you as his mom!!

      1. There is no epidemic and the fact that you say there can be no such thing as a genetic epidemic demonstrates your lack of understanding of science.
        Again, as I have asked others, show me where I state autism to be purely genetic. You can’t because I have not done so nor is it my considered opinion.
        I don’t know that my son is lucky that I’m his mother but I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have my amazing son.

      2. I was replying to Autumn, as this is under the thread she started. NO EPIDEMIC??? REALLY?? OMG….denial too, fabulous!

      3. There is no epidemic. The ‘increasing rates’ of autism are due primarily to three factors.

        First, the diagnostic criteria for ASDs was expanded in 1994 to include Aspergers as well as full-blown “traditional” autism, and the requirement for stereotypies such as hand-flapping were removed, which means that children who met the criteria other than that were immediately eligible for a diagnosis.

        Second, the rates of diagnosis of mental retardation, childhood schizophrenia, and other childhood disorders have declined at almost the same rate as the increase in the rates of diagnosis of autism. This means that these children would have been diagnosed with other disorders in the past, but that we are more appropriately diagnosing them now.

        Third, increased awareness in doctors and the general community means that early symptoms that might not have been noticed in previous generations are coming to the attention of parents and professionals. This, by the way, is a good thing, as early intervention is best.

        There is no epidemic. There is diagnostic expansion, diagnostic substitution, and increased awareness.

      4. Jessica, how would you feel about putting your child in a centrifuge and spinning the heavy metals out of him?

        What if you read that hundreds of parents have tried and many have seen positive results? Would you want know more – like if those testimonials are real? What if we called the centrifuge something else – a “rotating heavy-metal accumulator” or an “orbital autism discharger”?

        Would it offend you to hear from parents who object to strapping a child to a supercharged Tilt-A-Whirl for a treatment that has zero chance of success?

      5. Indeed, the whole biomed movement is based on mangling language and taking research findings to bizarre and absurd conclusions in a battle to rid their child of autism. It doesn’t even matter whether those findings are substantiated or just ones made up by the likes of Andrew Wakefield

      6. If you consider feeding children floor cleaner, both rectally and orally *lucky*, then sure.

        I think a visit from the relevant child protection agency is in order.

      7. An epidemic is defined as a widespread occurrence of an undesirable phenomenon. A nationwide locust plague, for example, is as much an epidemic as a measles outbreak would be. The word plague is also used here, though not in reference to an infectious disease. You should check the words you choose, too, not only because you have no idea what they mean, but you’ve just essentially called autistic children undesirable. I resent that, and I don’t find autism undesirable at all. Your child is very unfortunate to have you as a mother, because it’s likely he’ll either never reach adulthood thanks to you poisoning him, or you’ll turn him into some “soft toy” that always needs stitching. You’re the kinda mother that makes living with wolves look like an ideal family situation.

    5. Please provide links to the scientific research that’s been done (double-blind designs, random sampling, random assignment, experimental and control groups) and published in peer-reviewed journals regarding the safety and efficacy of MMS. If you are claiming that “the children are getting better, “you should be able to provide us with the proof. Not anecdotes. Scientific data.


      Wow, how many times have I heard that? Each and every new treatment-du-jour is was “working” at one time. But then, somehow, it just falls out of favor. Not working so well anymore, and on to the next thing. Parent’s reports can be hopeful, they can be selective, and they can be just plain mistaken.

      “Evidence-based medicine is based on data. “Alternative” medicine has “alternative” data : testimonials.

      So, what’s the matter with testimonials? They’re just people’s stories, right?

      Absolutely! So are reports of alien abduction, Bigfoot sightings and pixies in the garden.

      Are all of these people lying? No.

      They’re just telling the truth as they see it.

      Let me tell you a little story. This is a business plan that anybody with access to the Internet can do – if you decide to try it, please don’t mention that you saw it here.”

    1. Kelly, it’s lovely to see you here.
      I believe there’ll be an “autism is really anthrax” presentation at next year’s AutismOne.

  7. It is truly a shame u did not take the time to research MMS and Kerri. I hope u ve found ways to cope wth uo son and his hyperactity

    1. I’ve “done the research”. Wow I’m so sick of hearing that phrase but not as sick as some poor child being forced to drink bleach or have it squirted in rectally.
      I don’t “cope” with my son – I love him. I engage with him, I play with him. I cwtch him and kiss him and sing with him. Sometimes I don’t understand his behaviour and sometimes that behaviour is problematic so guess what I do? I try to help him over those periods. I try to re-engage him and I try to figure out what’s behind it. More often than not that leads us to doing things a little differently in the future or changing things in his environment. We don’t find it necessary or desirable to try to remove his autism with ritualised forms of abuse like MMS or drive out those demon toxins with chelation. And, before you ask, no, he isn’t on any medication.

    2. There is no need to look past the fact that it is bleach. We have indeed “done our research”; much more so than the slobbering, idiotic, lunatic fringe that makes up the anti vax/alt med crowd. Its called science.

      Try it some time.

    3. We’ve done the research. It shows that the use of MMS in the treatment of the vast number of diseases Jim Humble claims (AIDS, autism, etc.) has no biological validity. There are no published research studies that have investigated its safety or efficacy in treating any of these completely unrelated conditions.

    4. It is truly a shame that you’ve been misled by misinformation and testimonials in lieu of a complete lack of evidence that MMS is anything but a dangerous life-threatening poison at best. Did you know you can get the same product from your grocery store for a lot cheaper than it is offered by MMS pushers? Just take a stroll down the household cleaners aisle and pick the safest looking bottle – it’s usually the prettiest one. Ignore the “keep out of reach of children” labels – it’s obviously just a “big pharma” trick to keep you from the truth of their amazing miraculous medical uses.

      Alternatively, don’t be an idiot. Have you ever heard the saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”? The prettiest label in the store isn’t necessarily the best product for its intended purpose, just like the most attractive treatment for autism may not be the best one. Although this analogy does fly in the face of the fact that by supposedly treating autism with MMS is essentially poisoning your child, I does point out how gullible people are just as like to go for the miracle cure as they are the prettiest label in the store.

      Pushing MMS as a cure for anything other than breathing is a demonstration of who really hasn’t done their research. That, or they didn’t understand it, but that’s why we have medical professionals, to understand it for us so that they can explain it in terms that we can then understand. Which they do, but of course another key component of pushing the “miracle cure” is making sure to discredit those that would speak against it first, which is why all doctors are essentially big pharma shills with little to no ethics at all, in spite of the fact that they save millions of lives and tend to the sick every day. I wouldn’t want to be a doctor – all that poking at genital rashes and tending to urine samples would make me sick, personally, and I don’t think you could pay a doctor enough to do that for any other reason than they are motivated at helping the person that rash or sample belongs to. If it was just for the money, why wouldn’t they just make something up without poking at the rash, or needing a urine sample?

      Anyway, now it’s time for you to go and do your research.

      And when you’re done with that, go and ask your DOCTOR what you need to know about autism. Don’t be lazy and Google it, go out, get some exercise while you’re at it, and ask your doctor. Until you have your own facts straight, telling people to “do their research” is arrogant, obnoxious, and ignorant of the fact that you might actually be wrong. And I can’t stand people who aren’t prepared to admit when they’re wrong. They make me sicker than chlorine dioxide does.

  8. Sodium Chlorite, NaClO2

    It’s bleach. It may not be the same as Chlorox bleach (sodium hypochlorite or NaClO) but it IS bleach. It’s used as a bleach in industry.

    No matter how you try to rationalize it, you are deliberately poisoning your child by giving him/her bleach enemas or oral administration of bleach until it causes gastrointestinal distress.

    1. I guess H2O and H2O2 are the same to you too? Geez, every time I drink water, I must be drinking hydrogen peroxide…crap, that isn’t good!! And you let your child bathe in that?

      Come on people….Sodium chlorite is not bleach anymore than water is hydrogen peroxide.

      Oh and sodium chlorite is not the final product either…it is added to citric acid which creates a new molecular structure known as chlorine dioxide. Simple chemistry.

      1. Do you guys drink tap water, bathe in it? Do you eat grocery store chicken? Do you guys eat any white products like rice or flour….what do they all have in common? BLEACH! So don’t go giving me the holier than though crap. Is it ok, because you pretend to not know about it?

        We all know that on the internet, you can find information to support either side of the story.

        I am not trying to convince you guys to use MMS, I would never do that, to each his own, but you are severely misinformed, that’s all. Fine by me, I don’t mind being part of the clan healing their children. I just wish your children didn’t have to suffer, maybe they will grow up and heal themselves like some smart autistic teens are now doing. Gee, I wonder what your excuse is for those kids who are seeing progress they never had before? They were going to suddenly experience a new developmental spurt at 17? At the same time they started the MMS? The recovery timing is happening at all ages, it’s too coincidental to deny. The science is there, the recoveries are there, the photographs and videos are there, there are Nationally known doctors supporting this treatment….nothing more to add. I’m happy with my choice. So glad you are too.

      2. Sodium chlorite is industrial bleach. It’s highly reactive and an excellent oxidizer.

        Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is used to bleach wood pulp.

        It’s still bleach.

        Your chemistry skills are lacking.

      3. No, H2O and H2O2 are different because they are structurally different, but more importantly because they have different chemistry. H2O2 is an oxidizing agent like a chlorine bleach such as sodium chlorite or sodium hypochlorite, which means that it breaks down to release highly chemically reactive molecules that chemically modify and damage biological molecules that are universal to all living organisms, including human beings. H2O, on the other hand, is a stable molecule with much lower reactivity and very low toxicity to living organisms.

      4. White rice is not bleached. White rice is the same as brown rice except the hull has been removed. Mmm, rice.

      5. “Simple chemistry”? My goodness Jessica. I recommend some further studies in chemistry, in particular the following topics:

        1) Oxidation states of chlorine compounds
        2) Reactivity of oxidising agents
        3) Chemical reactions of chlorine oxides (hypochlorites, chlorites, chlorates, etc)
        4) Electron affinity of halogen atoms (Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine)

        Now moving on, to understand the difference between water and hydrogen peroxide and why it isn’t the same as comparing the properties of hypochlorites (like NaClO) and chlorites (like NaClO2) you should study:

        1) Covalent atomic bonding (as in H2O) and its effect on molecular stability
        2) The atomic bond structure of H2O2

        You need to be careful playing around with ANY chlorine oxides (no matter what their oxidation state is), Jessica. They’re not the sort of thing you want to be pumping into your kids’ mouths or anuses.

      6. Chemistry fail. Stunning chemistry fail.

        Bleach has more than one formula you deluded bint. It doesn’t matter how much in denial of reality you are, but bleach is bleach.


      7. Umm, did you notice that he used different chemical symbols? Are you aware that there are more than one kind of bleach, or are you just ignoring the fact that you’ve already been told that? Did you see H2O2 on the comment you replied to? No, you didn’t, you made it up to fit your own accusative analysis. There are many kinds of bleach, and as for your chlorine dioxide

        Now, go be a responsible mother and stop force-feeding your child dangerous chemicals.

      8. “We all know that on the internet, you can find information to support either side of the story.”

        And that’s why you need to check the sources, and the type of information it is. Testimonials are not reliable as evidence, and sources that don’t come from an acceptable, accredited medical, chemical or scientific source in a matter that concerns the health of your child should be rejected out of hand. The fact that you’re willing to venture into what is the dark alley of medical treatment instead of going through official accredited channels tells any one in their right mind that you are nuts – that guy with the rolexes inside his jacket? they’re all fakes. just like MMS is a fake autism treatment.

      9. Jessica,

        Do you understand how toxicity works?

        Yes, water is treated with chlorine compounds (such as ClO2)but the dose is small.

        Are you prepared to drink straight bleach because you know “its in water”.

        ClO2 is a severe irritant, it also causes pain, nausea and diarrhea and can lead to severe dehydration.

        The problem is this isn’t simple chemistry, but your understanding of chemistry and toxicity is quite simple.

        Then we have the issue that autism is not an immune disease. No matter how many times you say it you are still wrong. If your child has parasites there are much better ways to get rid of them than a bleach enema. If you child does have an autoimmune disease bleach is still not a treatment for autoimmune diseases.

        So on every front you are wrong. You have a wrong diagnosis, a wrong treatment even if the diagnosis was correct, and a skewed premise of how safe ClO2 is.

      10. “Come on people….Sodium chlorite is not bleach anymore than water is hydrogen peroxide.”

        Holy shitting* Jesus, please tell me that was a joke! Please – that was a joke, right?

        Water and hydrogen peroxide are indeed different chemicals with different properties. Sodium chlorite, however, is a member of a class of chemicals known as bleaches. This is because of the properties and activity of the chloride ions in the compound.

        You are the reason why Google University is a fucking* TERRIBLE idea for anyone wanting proper information about anything. Your understanding of chemistry is appalling; your understanding of child development is even bloody worse; and your sense of judgement is, in fact, non-existent. And this is why you are a danger to your child.

        I don’t think you’re a hero saving your child. I think you’re a fucking* idiot.

        * (With apologies to Autismum for my language choice on her blog: I just tell it straight)

      11. @ Jessica: Sodium chloride is what they use to chlorinate swimming pools in the UK to keep them free of pathogens. Simple chemistry.

  9. guys,
    Autism is an autoimmune disease. If you guys are ignorant, that is fine.
    But is it AUTOIMMUNE disease.
    Can u explain why my kid is high in hhv6 antibodies or candida or yeast and metals.
    Also lot of allergies which adds stress on immune. If you look at the history of you kid slowly and why and whn all the symptoms started, you might start wondering.
    Have you been tested for HHV6 antibodies ? CMV? EBV? etc.

    please check . It has a whole bunch of information .

      1. “Mainstream medical tests”, Jessica? You mean like the quacky SPECT scans?

        But you are missing the point. It’s not the testing, it’s what’s done with the testing.

        The rest is just the same-old, same-old pseudoscience. The NIDS protocol has been around for at least 7 years. Where are studies that prove Goldberg’s wild assertions? Yes, Goldberg has “research” on his web site, but where’s the research that shows that Goldberg’s protocol actually does anything?

        Answer me this: what is the long-term effect of dosing a child with anti-fungal medication for years, if the patient in fact does not have a fungus infection? What is the long-term effect of anti-viral medications, if the patient does not have a persistent viral infection?

        And how does the Goldberg protocol tie into justifying dosing your child with a dangerous product, without medical supervision?

    1. First I am not a doctor and am not about to offer differential diagnoses on your child’s lab tests. Secondly shouting that autism is an autoimmune disease doesn’t make it so. Please provide evidence from peer reviewed scientific literature that your assertion (for that is all it is) has any validity.

    2. HHV6 antibodies? He’s been exposed to the herpes virus. That’s simple enough.

      Candida? Antibiotics can cause it, among other things.

      Metals? Check your soil – check your home. Check your ambient air. It’ll also give you a clue about allergies.

      How is bleach going to ‘cure’ the herpes infection? How is it going to remove ‘metals’ – it’s not a chelator.

      It will kill off Candida, along with the NATURAL IMPORTANT ‘gut flora’, along with the physical tissue(s) of the gut.

    3. Again, autism is not an autoimmune disease. You’ve been lied to about that.

      The rest of your non-scientific nonsense has already been refuted.

    4. HHV6? HumanHerpesVirus6? You’re seriously asking why your kid has been exposed to herpes 6 for which humans are the primary host, and which is present in virtually every human ever tested for it?

      Most of the entire population of the western world has been exposed to this, and will have HHV6 antibodies or a related variant! If you get tested for it, I’ll wager any amount of money you’ll have HHV6 antibodies too.

      What is the point of me or anyone else getting tested for HHV6 when it’s almost a 100% guarantee that the answer will be “you have HHV6 antibodies”? BTW, I’ve also tested positive to EBV, as many other people would too. Yet I’ve never contracted glandular fever, nor am I autistic!

      Do you see what you’re doing? You’re linking a bunch of common conditions together and deciding that this is the cause of autism. Yet the vast majority of people who have those conditions and same exposures are not actually autistic. You cannot escape, or explain, that fact.

    5. No it isn’t, I’m autistic and my immune system is just fine. If autism was an autoimmune problem, than EVERYONE with autism would also have an autoimmune problem. I don’t. Explain that, No allergies here, either. No problems with gluten, or diet. Autism is a developmental disorder – all those things you’ve listed are things that can be found in anybody, autistic or otherwise. How do you know they are high levels? Did they give you a chart to compare to someone with normal levels? I’ll bet they didn’t, but if they did, it’s probably a fake. There are real ones, btw, given to chelation specialists who do chelation for people that actually do have heavy metal toxicity, but autism is not heavy metal toxicity, and if you are treating your autistic children, or any autistic children, with chelation, bleach, homoeopathy or any of those other quack remedies out there, then you are a scumbag.

    6. No, its not.

      It isn’t our problem that you trust shonky quacks with your families health, but it is certainly your childs problem that he/she has to deal with some one so in denial of reality, such as yourself as a mother.

    7. It is possible that some autism may arise through some kind of immune disorder. Mothers of autistic children show an elevated incidence of antibodies against fetal brain proteins ( This is an area of active research. But it is ridiculous to argue that this is an established fact. Note that some methods of antibody testing are not reliable. Antibodies are normally directed against proteins, so if somebody tells you that your child has antibodies against metals you are probably dealing with a quack.

  10. Jessica, it’s called a dose/response concept.

    The amount of residual chlorine dioxide in say, flour, is negligible – as is its effect on the eater of said flour. See

    Pouring a drink of it to give to your child 1-3 times a day, along with infusing it in an enema – you are causing DAMAGE to your child.

    There’s a huge difference in treating flour with 48 ppm (48 molecules of ClO2 for every million particles of water) and your MMS ‘cure’ – which is orders of magnitude stronger.

    1. Linda, I just want to tell you that you are wasting your energy and time posting links for me. I am not asking for the science, you guys are. I’ve done my research (for two years before using it) and I am confident in my decision. I won’t be swayed. I have been through years of research and experiences that fully solidify my choices. I also know thousands of others seeing the same progress with healing their children with biomed.

      And let’s get something straight here, I am not trying to sway you, but when I find misinformation where someone is using a blog to “educate” followers, I can’t just sit back and let that information guide those who might actually benefit from the real information.

      I also suspect you guys believe that the FDA is working for your best interest, lol. Only time will tell.

      I am on my path, you on yours, they don’t cross, no harm done.

      1. Still waiting for links to scientific studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of MMS. Not anecdotes. Not Jim Humble’s claims (who, by the way, is a gold miner, not the kind of scientist you’re thinking of). Actual research, with actual data, published in actual scientific journals.

        I’ll be waiting a long time. But whoever makes the claim is the one with the burden of proof. You claim MMS “works”? Document it. Link to the science.

      2. Jessica, unlike those who post here, we biomed parents are willing to take the words of other parents to what has worked. We don’t say, “Oh, you don’t have a double-blind study to prove that this worked for your son? Well, phff, I’ll wait multiple years for science to catch up.” MMS isn’t bleach, and it’s helping our kids recover.

      3. You’re, ” willing to take the words of other parents to what has worked.” That’s a very low bar.

      4. That’s right Laura, our kids are healing/recovering, whatever you want to call it, theirs aren’t….plain and simple. It breaks my heart, but we can’t choose our parents. = ( The scientific data is out there for them, if they want to open their eyes. I found it, so can they. I’m certainly not handing it to them on a silver platter. I don’t see even one person on this forum who genuinely sounds like they are really interested in this data, they just want to argue and then go on with their lives.

      5. You believe you have something that will benefit children like mine and proof from reputable sources that your methods are safe and effective. You have been asked to show it to us so that we can evaluate it for ourselves. If this information does indeed exist, it’s not out there in internet land that I can find. You also claim that you care about every child. If you have such information that would change our minds and benefit our children and refuse to share it, I call that malevolence.

      6. “Willing to take the word of other parents” means nothing if the word of other parents involves a scientifically impossible treatment.

        There is no biological validity to Jim Humble’s theories about MMS, whether it applies to autism, AIDS, cancer, or any of the other hundreds of diseases he claims it cures. None of those diseases involve similar biological mechanisms. Therefore, is it scientifically HIGHLY unlikely that the same proposed treatment would cure all of them.

        Autism is not parasites, worms, toxins, or any of the other things that are being claimed.

        Even IF MMS wasn’t an industrial bleach (if used as directed) and was not harmful (Ms. Rivera herself proposes using it until the partaker vomits or has diarrhea), there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up claims of its effectiveness.

        Here’s an example of the reasoning of “I take other people’s word for it” – I have a ring on my finger that protects me from marauding elephants. How do I know it works? I’ve never been attacked by a marauding elephant, and there are no marauding elephants around! See, that’s prove that my ring is magic!”

      7. You are taking the word of a doctor who has never healed an autistic child…most likely doesn’t have an autistic child….only has info to share with you from reading about it…no experience. Yes, I would say speaking to thousands of parents who have used the same treatment protocols time and time again to HEAL children who were once autistic, real children with real recovery stories, is superior in my book.

        By the way, we DO have doctors guiding us. One of my best doctors (who supports every choice we’ve made to heal our son) is a mainstream doctor with an autistic child himself. He too chooses this path for his child.

        What do many of the most successful autism doctors have in common….an autistic child! They have personal motivation….my how the treatment choices change when it’s THEIR children.

      8. You have no idea who my doctor is nor his family situation and I am not going to discuss his family life here. You really believe that the only person I turn to for help and advice is my doctor?
        If your doctor approves of this MMS nonsense then, in my opinion, he is complicit in child abuse

      9. You derp about evil *toxins* in vaccines, yet quite happily chemically castrate your child, feed them bleach as well as the other dangerously insane treatments that biomed quacks laud.

        You are a dangerous, dangerous woman. Seriously, someone should track down her IP, find out where she lives and get child protection on to her.

      10. Except to the child you are forcing bleach upon. Plenty of harm being done there.

      11. Basically Jessica is in a cult. She doesn’t need or want evidence.

        The problem is not all choices are sacrosanct. You can’t just decide to harm your child and expect society at large to say “she read it on google and made a decision, so it’s OK”.

  11. Jessica, the only misinformation here is what you’re posting.

    You are misinformed, simply put.

    There is no benefit for deliberately making your child ill and vomit from oral/rectal exposure to bleach.

      1. This comment just solidifies my inkling that you guys haven’t researched much. The MMS costs a mere $25 and it costs almost that much to make it with the sodium chlorite flakes and citric acid and the bottles it’s stored in. Kerri makes none of this money, she doesn’t sell MMS, she runs a not-for-profit autism clinic in Mexico and volunteers the rest of her “spare” time to us families choosing to learn about MMS, offering guidance and coaching…FOR FREE! I’ve researched MMS long before Kerri came into the picture, but her support is priceless.

        The amazing thing about this protocol and why you won’t see the FDA or big pharma involved in it, is because it doesn’t make anyone any money. In fact, just the opposite, it would put MANY people out of business, many RICH people. The people involved in MMS truly care about helping others, not for self gratification of monetary benefit, but because they really do care. Unfortunately, this is a lost trait in our world today.

        I volunteer much of my time to helping biomed families as well, because I really care about them. I wouldn’t be here disputing the facts, if I didn’t care about the one or two people reading that might have been on the fence about biomed or MMS for their child. Every single child matters to me. If even ONE person heals their child because of reading this thread, it was worth all of my time here.

      2. If you were to offer science rather than conspiracy theories I think you would be taken rather more seriously.
        Every child matters to me too. It matters that parents aren’t duped in the way you so clearly have been.

      3. “The amazing thing about this protocol and why you won’t see the FDA or big pharma involved in it, is because it doesn’t make anyone any money. In fact, just the opposite, it would put MANY people out of business, many RICH people.”

        You hear this claim around lots of “Miracle cures”, and I must say it is pretty much utter bunkum.

        Big business has made money selling Tap Water for christ sakes,
        I’m pretty sure big pharma could work out how to make money on an easy to make medicine, the first to do it would get a fairly commanding market position etc.

        It is really truly, not in the interests of Medical professionals, Drug agencies, The many charities involved, to hide a successful cure.

        The main problem with MMS, is anyone even half scientifically literate can see the explanations given for it’s methodology don’t really fit together, or make sense.

        So it needs extraordinary evidence to prove it works, in the absence of a solid scientific explanation, and sadly there is no extraordinary evidence for it working either.

        Anecdotal evidence is poor scientific evidence, as people can fool themselves, measure things wrong, and make mistakes in a single case (all of this can be done even if the subject is scrupulously honest, and truly believes they are getting better).

      4. Just to clarify – The MMS costs $30 a bottle and lasts at least 6 months . I pay $70 for 30 mins of therapy a week which quantifiably does nothing to my son . Do the math – Who is ripping me off ?

    1. Who said my children were vomiting or are ill?? They are better than ever, they have clarity, they are playing appropriately, the speech has gone through the roof, not only the vocabulary, but the comprehension and complexity of it, executive functioning is amazing, they are sleeping through the night, no autism here….hmmm, doesn’t sound like my kids are suffering so much. Do you equate these gains to some sudden overnight developmental spurt? I’d love to see the “science” behind that.

      Listen, I know my children, just like you….I know when they are regressing and when they are progressing. The cause and effect is undeniable. I know it’s very hard for you to comprehend this, because you have not witnessed it, I can’t blame you for that, but please do me one favor and stop putting words in my mouth. I never said my children were made sick from MMS, it has only made them function appropriately.

      1. Please provide links to the scientific studies that support the use of MMS.

      2. Allison, had I been asked this from the beginning, with respect rather than the character attacks, I might be willing to share some of the sources I have found. It’s been made very clear that the only purpose to receiving “facts” is to dispute them and to prove us wrong. It took me four years of doing biomed and researching every single day to heal my child….why should I had that off willingly to such disrespectful people. Do the research, it’s out there to be found. But I think you are all looking in the wrong places, you won’t find it with the FDA, lol.

        I think the first step to appreciating a protocol like MMS is to recognize that our kids CAN heal. Is there really any point to the science, if you don’t even think it’s possible?

      3. If you had the science you would show it. It doesn’t exist and that’s the problem. What you call an attack was a response to a person who is giving their child a poisonous concoction for misguided reasons. It was harsh and highly critical but warranted.
        You have sniped right back, calling my son “infested.”
        You read the original post, I trust. What exactly did you expect the response from my readers and I to be?
        You say you cannot be swayed on this and that you are not here to persuade anyone. Then you have no reason to be here that I can see.

      4. Not for you people! I’m done here. Yes, I have links, lots of them, and pictures and real live children to prove what this stuff does, I am not sharing my blood, sweat and tears with people who lack respect to this degree. Carry on bashing the world around you.

      5. “I’ve got my proof, but I’m not gonna show you it! Nyah.”

        Yea. Translation: “I got nuthin.”

        Links to scientific data are not hard to provide, if you have them.

      6. You are feeding them bleach. You are a sick/twisted individual that needs serious psychiatric help, if not a long term in a prison cell.

      7. You keep confusing completely normal development of an autistic child with “recovery”. He isn’t in recovery, he is developing as he should. Autism is not “stasis”.

        Finally you said he was ill. You said he had parasites etc. then you give him bleach, see intenstinal slough and think it is a bloody parasite! That wasn’t a parasite, it was the part of the wall of your kids gut. Luckily our gut lining is pretty hardy, but continued dosing with bleach is still not a good idea.

      8. It always astounds me how these parents never give their children any credit for the advances they make.
        Thanks for your comment.

    2. g3, if it does not do anything helpful and harms your kid, I don’t care how many months it lasts, or if it only costs 30..$, you are still a sucker and still being ripped off.

      1. I’m sure bleach doesn’t cost $30 a bottle at the supermarket. Nope no money being made there. Yes g3 you are being royally ripped off.

    1. so where does it say “safe to force into the bottoms of autistic children” Can’t find that anywhere.

      1. If you require the FDA to authorize every thing you do, I fear for your health.

      2. Actually yes. I prefer the FDA, and modern science to give me good advice. That way I am not dumb and abusive enough to erode the bowels of my son. Would you put MMS in their eyes? The bowel lining is also sensitive just like the eyes.

    2. “This is an emerging technology in the drinking water field and is not discussed in this guidance manual.”

      Your ‘source’ doesn’t say what you think it does.

    3. Yes and in the process of disinfecting water it is neutralized and the material is diluted. You are using a concentrated solution. You are corroding your child’s rectum.

    4. I found a great article about oh so harmless Chlorine Dioxide. Here are some of the highlights.

      “A pump that delivers chlorine to water malfunctioned and released the chemical into the air as a toxic gas — chlorine dioxide — at the Pacific Coast Producers cannery in Woodland.

      • More than 800 workers were evacuated from the cannery. At least 43 were hospitalized. Two suffered severe “inhalation distress.”

      “Woodland fire battalion chief Greg Robinson said about half of the affected workers — he called them “the walking wounded” — were shuttled by bus to Woodland Memorial Hospital. The other half were taken to various area hospitals.”

      “Exposure to chlorine dioxide causes irritation in the nose, throat and lungs as well as watery eyes. Lung irritation can result in coughing or shortness of breath. Very high levels can cause bronchitis or more significant irritation with the effects lasting for years.”

      Yep, shove that enema hose up my kids butt, cause I love him!!!

      1. When I was a teenager I worked at a chemical manufacturing plant. We produced, among other things, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and chlorine gas. I know from first hand experience what these compounds can do to your health, it isn’t pretty. Irritation in the nose is one of the absolute mildest things that can happen.
        So why someone think it is a brilliant idea to give chlorine dioxide as an enema is beyond me. If they did this to themselves, fine, but forcing it on an innocent child is just unbelievable.
        Child abuse? Hells yes!

        Here they used to (more than fifteen years ago) bleach wood pulp using chlorine dioxide… so you could get really white toilet paper. And that is as close I want the stuff to ever get to my rectum.

  12. When I posted previously I checked the wee box so that I could be notified of follow-up comments. My inbox is exploding. 🙂 It’s fascinating to me to see people here who have no intention of listening or engaging even. Their purpose is purely to proselytize; presumably in case someone who is uncertain about MMS comes to read this blog. I may have to write about this.

    1. Some have even jumped over to RI. They haven’t got the congratulations and warm welcome they were seeking here. Not sure they’ll find it there either xx

  13. For years I’ve tried to argue with parents who believe that they can cure their autistic children by the treatment-du-jour. These so-called treatments range from the apparently reasonably safe (GFCF diets) to the dangerous: IV chelation, chemical castration (lupron), industrial chelators (OSR), to the ridiculous (tin foil hats, eating only exotic meats etc.)

    Some of these treatments resonate with parents because they sound oh-so-scientific. After all, if you believe your child is really doomed to a terrible life, you might be justified in considering something like lupron, which does come with a long protocol of medical tests, and thus sounds like it has something behind it. The arguments in favor of lupron and chelation are fairly sophisticated, and therefore have some credibility with the uninformed public.

    But shoving bleach up a disabled child’s ass. That’s something else again. Anyone can see that that’s a stupid idea and child abuse, and that the parents should be reported to CPS. I think with this one, you’ve crossed a line. Defending the indefensible might just make the general population more aware of all the other abuses you’ve been waging on your children.

    1. If only the general public knew that the major proponents of chelation and chemical castration (Mark and David Geier) are a father-and-son team, the father of which (Mark) has had his medical license revoked in several states, and the son of which (David) has a B.A. in biology, is not a doctor, and is under indictment for practicing medicine without a license. Their “research” is run out of their garage in their home, and their “IRB” consists of them, some family members, and some business partners.

      When you dig below the facade of helpfulness in the alt-med community, you find such ridiculous underpinnings.

      And the fact that parents are “desperate enough to try anything” means that on some fundamental level, they despise their child for having autism.

      1. I’ve got a whole chapter in my book about them 🙂 And one about Wakefield, of course.

      2. It’s interesting you refer to lupron as “chemical castration”. When my ASD son reached stage 4 (out of 5 stages), at age 8, he was referred to a endocrine clinic in Vancouver. Indeed, guess what the mainstream, recommended treatment was? Yes, Lupron.

        So, does this mean it is ok to treat this condition with Lupron, as long as that child does not have autism? If the child has autism, are they then being chemically castrated?

      3. If, as you claim, your child was being treated with lupron by a reputable doctor then that would be to treat an endocrine disorder not autism.
        No one here is claiming the drug is not of clinical value.

      4. Lupron “chemically castrates” as you put it, whatever the diagnosis, or even if you have none. Simply put, you won’t secrete the hormones that tell the gonads to secrete sex hormones. Very useful stuff if you have prostate cancer, ER-positive breast cancer etc. Autism – no, not really. All it can do there is, perhaps, lessen aggressive behaviours in adolescent males, but at a cost that is completely unacceptable in terms of unwanted effects. It’s use is predicated on the parents putting their needs before those of their child, and we have descriptors for such parents. Oddly enough, they are the same as those we use for parents who shove BLEACH down their child’s throat or up his/her bum.
        Look at it this way. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my autistic son. We have gone from being called to the school when he had cornered several teachers by throwing chairs at them to him studying postgrad physics halfway across the continent. It has been a labour of love; an ongoing continuous rolling programme of behavioural modification, with just about every activity each day being used in some respect to teach him the skills he needs. Essentially, he was unlucky enough to get the genetics from me, but then turned out to be lucky enough to have two parents who were willing to spend the majority of their time and energy on nudging him in the right direction. We were lucky enough that he is not only verbal, but very smart. And I am lucky enough that his mother is a child psychiatrist. There is no easy road to success here. Only continuous and consistent effort will bring about change, which always happens very slowly compared to neurotypical kids. The most you can hope for is the best the child, his parents and his teachers are capable of doing. We were so lucky in the outcome – he will probably be capable of a kind of independent life (think Sheldon in Big Bang Theory). Drugs of any kind, including bleach, have no part to play in this. And I wouldn’t change him for a ‘normal’ version for anything. I love him for all his quirks just as he is.

      5. Lupron “chemically castrates” as you put it, whatever the diagnosis, or even if you have none. Simply put, you won’t secrete the hormones that tell the gonads to secrete sex hormones. Very useful stuff if you have prostate cancer, ER-positive breast cancer etc. Autism – no, not really. All it can do there is, perhaps, lessen aggressive behaviours in adolescent males, but at a cost that is completely unacceptable in terms of unwanted effects. It’s use is predicated on the parents putting their needs before those of their child, and we have descriptors for such parents. Oddly enough, they are the same as those we use for parents who shove BLEACH down their child’s throat or up his/her bum.
        Look at it this way. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my autistic son. We have gone from being called to the school when he had cornered several teachers by throwing chairs at them to him studying postgrad physics halfway across the continent. It has been a labour of love; an ongoing continuous rolling programme of behavioural modification, with just about every activity each day being used in some respect to teach him the skills he needs. Essentially, he was unlucky enough to get the genetics from me, but then turned out to be lucky enough to have two parents who were willing to spend the majority of their time and energy on nudging him in the right direction. We were lucky enough that he is not only verbal, but very smart. And I am lucky enough that his mother is a child psychiatrist. There is no easy road to success here. Only continuous and consistent effort will bring about change, which always happens very slowly compared to neurotypical kids. The most you can hope for is the best the child, his parents and his teachers are capable of doing. We were so lucky in the outcome – he will probably be capable of a kind of independent life (think Sheldon in Big Bang Theory). Drugs of any kind, including bleach, have no part to play in this. And I wouldn’t change him for a ‘normal’ version for anything. I love him for all his quirks just as he is.

    2. Part of the blame for parents believing that autism is tantamount to their child being cursed lies squarely on the shoulders of the big charities like Autism Speaks who paint an extremely gloomy picture of life with autism.
      My goodness, my son can be really hard work and I swear he photosynthesises – there’s no way he should have the energy he does on the amount he eats. He’s not a tragedy. He hasn’t ruined my life and though he has severe difficulties and behaviour that is difficult to cope with I’m not going to attempt to exorcise his autism. He is who he is and we’re working with that to help him acquire new skills and build on the numerous ones he has.

      1. one of the things that pisses me off is that autism ISN’T A BAD THING, but people treat it like it’s some kinda entity out to destroy their family – no, the only thing that destroys your family is your own failure to love your children AS THEY ARE and seek to understand them AS THEY ARE instead of expecting them to be some version of “normal”. Like it or not, you can’t have normal, there’s no such thing, even for NT kids. Every time I see a child misbehave, and hear a parent say “there must be something wrong with that kid,” or “that kid needs discipline, what are the parents doing?” I want to smack them upside the teeth, staple their tongue to their lower lip and then break their trachea. Ok, so I know that’s a little violent, and that’s why I don’t do it, but it’s my natural reaction to such idiocy in the assumption that children should act like adults and learn to be “normal”. Sure, why don’t we just line ’em all up in a factory and implant them with mind-control chips so they do exactly what we want them to do all the time on command. Wouldn’t that be pleasant?

        People need to stop treating autism like it’s a disease to be cured, and start treating it as a feature of who their kids are. Just like their red hair and freckles, or that lisp they speak with – I had a lisp. I also had a catholic teacher who tried slapping it out of me once because it wasn’t “normal”. I grew out of it on my own eventually.

        But I also have autism, and it’s not as easy to grow out of, but it can be done. I know this because I’m in the process of doing it. That’s not to say that autism is bad, or that I hate it – it’s given me a perspective on life that I find few others have. While I sit here wondering why the hell everyone’s so worried about money, my next door neighbour is stressing cuz she struggles to afford the repayments on a 3 year old BMW. But I have no car – can’t afford it. Well, I can if I borrow money like she did, but I’d rather buy the car with my own money than owe someone for it. I’m sure there are NTs that think this way too, but my complete disregard for any more money than I need confuses people – “why don’t you have a car? You could have one by now if you lied on your resume for a better job?” Yes, I’ve actually been asked that, but that’s something I don’t do either – lie. Sometimes, people don’t like my honesty, but that’s their problem in the end. If you don’t want my honest opinion, then don’t ask me, “how do I look? what’s your honest opinion?”

        So you can see, I struggle to keep girlfriends, too, and I’ve a history of broken hearts that show how deeply I throw myself at intimate relationships, but they can’t stand that – I’m too much, I’m too passionate, I’m too nice… I mean, wtf??? Since when did girls start breaking up with guys for being “too nice”??

        Anyway, it all stems from a lack of understanding of autism, and people that are perpetuating that lack of understanding are doing autistic people like myself more harm than they realise. And while I’m not about to start stepping on the tracheas of the morons that do it, someone in a live conversation with me trying to tell me lies about autism would feel my wrath – over twenty years of experience of wrath, over twenty years of heartbreaks, broken friendships, ignorance and rejection based wrath. I’ve had enough of it, and it hurts. It hurts to see parents putting their children through these bogus, potentially life-endangering treatments – children who could grow up and live fulfilling lives and have successful jobs and loving partners if they never had any treatment at all save for a little understanding.

    3. I’ve been asked here if I would tell a mother to her face that she was abusing her child. Too right I would, right after I got of the phone to child protection.

  14. To the MMS apologists here – you keep saying you have data, scientific research, that you COULD provide, but you WON’T, because we’re such meanie-heads.

    The best way to win an argument? Is to WIN IT. So win. Give us the data. Give us the links. Prove us wrong. Shut us up.

    Provide your scientific proof. Win the argument.

  15. Jessica
    At first you talked about your autistic child using MMS and in a later comment you said that your children were not vomiting? Does this mean you are giving industrial bleach to more than one child? Are you doing it because someone has convinced you that it it a good tonic for any child in this toxic world? If so may God have mercy on that despicable person’s soul

    1. Rose…I was thinking the same thing. Why don’t we have child protection laws against parents who abuse their children with quack ideas? Oh yeah, we do (and by we, I mean all countries who are civilized about the treatment of children).

      This practice is disgusting at a level that I can’t believe. What next? Throw a baby into a microwave to destroy whatever to cure whatever?

  16. Should we open a betting pool and take bets on when Jim Humble himself shows up to defend his quackery? I’m betting this evening. Anyone else?

    1. He’s welcome. Unlike the blogs rife with apologists for this torture, I welcome a variety of opinions.

  17. Both I and my nephew are on the autism spectrum, albeit at different points. If anyone came near either of us with their MMS, I would teach them what a bleach enema feels like.

  18. I… don’t even. What is wrong with people? When did a degree from Google U become carte blanche to abuse your children?

    1. It never did. This is “treatment” don’t forget. Children are becoming compliant and docile and don’t laugh except when their parents think they should. Of course it’s the bleach having this effect not the torture of frequent enemas, the fear of it, sleep deprivation or pain of sickness and diarrhea doing this

  19. MMS and the purveyors of such quackery should be required to prove their product’s efficacy. Jessica & the other woo-addled acolytes cannot present evidence or provide links because there is no evidence of efficacy. And there is plenty of evidence of harm.

    As with the chelators and castrators, the use of truly harmful, toxic substances to treat a disease many think is caused by toxins is laughable if it wasn’t so painful to contemplate the damage done. Hypocritical and foolish.

    The line from the movie Parenthood comes to mind:
    You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car – hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.

    Or a mother.

    1. Thanks for popping over.
      They cannot present evidence because there is none to prove this stuff safe or effective. They say it’s there but all I’ve seen in support of MMS are the ramblings of a cult leader and his acolytes.

  20. I was told quite seriously at one point that a tea-tree oil concoction mixed with alcohol and distilled water used as an enema would help (cure?) my son at one point. It did not take a lot of research to decide that enemas to cure a neurological condition were a bizarre and unconscionable practice, and that I was certainly not going to do that. The name of the product was not the issue, or that alcohol and tea-tree oil can help prevent infection in cuts and scrapes. My son does not keep his brains in his bowels. I don’t care what you are putting in them, stop giving unnecessary enemas to your children…or making them ingest substances that could harm them for a non life threatening condition.
    And my son has also made amazing progress in just a year. He is four now and has gone from 3 functional words to complete, if somewhat garbled, sentences. He no longer slams his head into the tiles and concrete when he has meltdowns. He has “recovered” quite a lot by your criteria. He has done this by intensive behavioral, speech and occupational therapies, amazing teachers and aides, and hopefully, partly due to loving, supportive parents and other friends and family.
    He is still autistic, though he functions higher than he did a year ago. That is fine. I wouldn’t cure him of being left handed, dyslexic, or any of the other problems if it was a matter of giving him enemas to bleach the conditions out of him. Because the concept, the pseudoscience, and the snake oil salesmen behind it are repugnant. My son is fine. He is autistic, and left handed, and dyslexic. All of these are things that will require him to make adjustments to the world, and the world to make some adjustments to him. That is acceptable. I love my son, as he is, as he was, as he will be, however that is. I will not torture him with crap “medicine” to make ME feel like I am doing something.

    1. It’s wonderful to hear of your son’s progress. We’re right in the middle of intensive interaction therapy at the moment. It’s fun, hard work and progress is slow but we have such a lot of support from school and we have seen some changes – at least DH and I have found new ways of engaging him and distracting him in triggering situations.

      1. Fancy trying to reach him through fun and interaction. That’s got Teh Big Pharma!!!111 written all over it.

        Far better to pin him down and shove industrial bleach into every orifice until he screams and pukes!

        You’re worth ten of these biomed fruitloops. Actually, I doubt they even exist, their comments ring hollow, like sales pitches. They can’t seem to keep their stories straight either. Very suss.

  21. You’re being most unfair by asking for evidence from the MMS crowd. Sure, a parent who cared about his or her child’s safety would have the evidence for the safety of any treatment being forced on the child, but it would take hard work for an MMS seller (I mean supporter) to manufacture evidence of safety and effectiveness – and why should they bother when you’re being so mean! I mean really – asking for proof before experimenting on your child? What kind of monster are you?

  22. ‘Wow, all I see in your reply is attack. Bravo! I focused on facts, you however, well it’s pretty obvious you lack the respect to even consider talking to me like an equal. Ask the other thousands of parents who have seen these worms come out of their children, if they need a psychiatrist, in fact, I dare you to say it to their faces! We are human beings. I have pictures of the worms I have seen and so do the others. They are identical….but wait, you would rather let your child be “who he is”….infested. Sad.’

    You an equal?! Bwahahaha!!! So tell me you contemptible bint, what kind of worms did you see? Do you realise that was the intestinal lining of your child your saw coming out? Looks kinda wormy except it was once normal lining that you destroyed. FYI, you can’t see worms. Also, where are all of these worms in neurotypical children? Why aren’t any of you telling us what kind of worms these are, easy enough to find out you know.

    “So why bother discussing this further, you won’t see past your own delusions. I just think it’s sad that you spew this utter nonsense and you have the gall to attack me for healing my child?? Shame on you, really, shame on you. A simple, “congrats on healing your child” even though you don’t agree with my methods would have been sufficient.”

    Newsflash for you; you aren’t healing your child; you are causing irreparable harm, some of which won’t show up for years. Who or what will you blame then? Will you make up more delusional diagnoses and “heal” him with more dangerous quackery? Why don’t you put the bleach down, get some help and put your child into therapies that will actually enrich his life instead of destroying it?

    “I have no desire to debate every point you so eloquently chose to make….oh wait, there were no points, that’s right, only attacks on my character. Congrats! You’ve just shown your true colors.”

    There were lots of points, you just don’t like them. For instance, you ARE bleaching your child and it’s ABUSE and autism isn’t ‘curable” with freaking bleach.

    “So I will end on this note – I am above attacking another parent for being different, I choose tolerance. So I am done with this conversation, I am going to go enjoy (yup, I enjoy my children, as well) my beautiful healthy children rather than wasting my precious time on making fruitless points here”.

    Of course you are tolerant of other abusers of autistic children, you sure as hell don’t want to be criticised for your horrible choices. Funny how all of a sudden you are enjoying your “beautiful healthy children”. They were always beautiful healthy children, you’re just too selfish and full of yourself to see that.

    “To the others who have chosen to jump in on the author’s attacks, enjoy reading each others’ negativity, I won’t partake. I choose positive healing energy for myself and my family.”

    You’re right, calling out hateful abusive people is a rather negative activity and it’s too bad it has to be said but as long as s**** like you exist, it will be.

    1. This discussion is so wonderful to read. Finally, we have a clear case – clear for everyone with common sense – of “biomed” parents abusing their kids. And clear examples of parents that know how to deal with this nonsense. Finally, people are waking up to the false guilt that the “biomed” parents try to heap on the rest of us. We aren’t every going to be fooled again by the guilt trip that we “aren’t doing enough to recover our kids”. If this abuse is what you think equates to loving your autistic child, and “doing everything” for him/her, well, words fail me.

    2. Not to be a jerk, as I think these biomed people are utterly wrong. You can see many worms. Ascarid worms are fairly large as are few other intestinal worms. Though I do believe that you are right in the fact it no parasites and autism can’t be cures. Sorry again for the nitpicking.

  23. …And to Jessica who assumes we eat bleach in our food, I have well water, buy unbleached flour, brown rice and free range chicken.
    On the topic of enemas of any sort, how can you do that to a three year old? I would not have wanted my kids to have thought of me at three as the big lady who shoves things you know where.

    1. Thank you. He’s lush and there are some lovely pics and videos of him here. The post called Soul Man is too cute (in my opinion). I’m trying to capture him singing the horn parts to Otis Redding songs but as soon as he sees the camera he wants to play with it.

  24. Hi, Orac sent me….so you know which side of the fence I sit.

    Regardless of what is in the enema, what child NEEDS an enema daily (or more, I am not sure of the protocol)? It is abuse.

    My son has autism and he is perfect and does not need fixing or recovery.

    Thanks for bringing attention to yet another snake oil sales pitch.

  25. Lots of comments here…sorry I haven’t taken the time to read them all. Can anybody fill me in on this one question?

    I’d really like to know whether any of the parents who boast about giving this bleach preparation to their children tried it on themselves first.

    1. Lisa when I was looking at Kerri’s MMS advertising earlier, many parents do use it on themselves — oral ingestion only though. I didn’t see any reports of parents self-administering enemas.

      1. Do they mix it at the same ratio to account for the weight difference? Do they do it repeatedly and “to tolerance”? Somehow I doubt it.

      2. Well, that’s something. For a realistic test, though, they’d have to take it until fever and vomiting and whatnot set in. And also, bathe in it.

      3. Liz:

        It goes without saying that the parents can’t self-administer enemas.

        They would first have to remove their head.

  26. Holy cow. I can’t believe that the same people who bleat about ‘toxins’ in vaccines would give their kids chlorine dioxide. Talk about cognitive dissonance and double standards.

    I don’t have time right now to read all the comments, or reply to them in detail, I just wanted to say, you’re awesome Autismum. As an autistic adult, I’d like to say that your son is lucky to have you as a parent.

  27. Thank you for this post, Autismum! Jessica said, “It breaks my heart, but we can’t choose our parents. = (” Well, I know that Pwd would certainly not choose to be subjected to evil procedures performed to “cure” him, and would most definitely choose kind and loving you, Autismum, who relishes him for who he is.

  28. Why do so many parents of autistic children, at least those involved in the biomed “treatments” seem to believe autism is a developmental stasis?

    I really don’t get it.

    I knew a young autistic boy fairly well 15 years ago, as he was my younger sister’s best friend. He wasn’t non-verbal, as I know some autistic people are, but clearly autistic. Without any crap being injected, forced up his bum, added to his food or otherwise being abused, he managed to grow up and develop new skills along with the development of his brain and body. Shocking, isn’t it, that a 20 year old is not identical to the boy I knew at 3, 4 and 5.

    My nephew is also on the spectrum, and funnily enough he’s not the same developmentally at 6 as he was at 2. Neither are my own children who are not on the spectrum.

    Why credit whatever developmental steps a child with autism makes to whatever treatment they happen to be on at the moment over the child’s own development? It is like creditting pureed parsnip with my son’s crawling as he started both in the same week.

    Why feed, inject or otherwise give your child bleach without any studies supporting its safety, let alone effectiveness?

    1. Yes! I think this is how the biomed scammers operate.

      The child will develop. the vast majority of non verbal, socially disconnected autists do develop language and get better at social interactions.

      Developing is the not the same as being cured.

      However the biomed scammer points to this completely normal development and goes “look, it’s working!”

      As I said earlier everyone starts off non verbal. The vast majority develop language, and also develop socially. Now this development is obviously different to what is seen with people on the autism spectrum, but development happens.

    2. I think it’s because it suits them to believe their child is at a developmental dead end. That way they can justify (in their own minds) “treatment” after ridiculous “treatment” and when that child, in spite of his her/parents cruelty, makes advances those parents can take all the credit for it, path themselves on the back and call themselves warriors and healers.

  29. I’m glad the biomeddlers haven’t decided to go the way of the Inquisition and purify with fire!
    I, for one, wouldn’t change my autistic son for any other kid – I love him just as he is and I’m very proud of the gains he has made. Most of the credit belongs to his child psychiatrist mother, who had us all doing behavioural modification as a way of life. My son now speaks to parents’ groups about what it was like for him and it seems to be appreciated, and is finishing up double honours in math and physics with a third major in philosophy. I don’t think for a moment that feeding him bleach would have helped improve that outcome.

    1. What an amazing young man.
      I’ve said it a hundred times but I’ll say it again, helping our son develop has been as much about changing the things DH and I do as it has been about encouraging learning in him. We were lucky to have an OT who was as incredibly insightful as she was energetic. There is no magic pill, no magic mixture just hard work and effort all round. I am sure you are brimming with pride as well you should be xx

      1. “There is no magic pill”

        That’s exactly it. There’s nothing _easy_ about raising a kid, even a more ‘neurotypical’ one. I can’t imagine the work and effort you have to put into it, and I admire you for sticking with it, over the years, even when it’s difficult or disheartening.

        It really must be tempting, particularly at those times, to think, “This magic solution will fix everything!” – but at a certain point, you have to look at the strange diets, the hyperbaric chambers, the chelation, the bleach enemas, and say, “WTF am I doing…?”

      2. There are times when I think “there has to be something more we can do” but that’s usually at crazy early hours in the morning after a long crazy day. I totally understand why parents seek more than is on offer in “the mainstream.”
        Sometimes there is more we can do but it’s about behaviour, patience, not over reacting or reacting more promptly and even DH and I looking after ourselves and each other a little more. It’s not always about changing your kid. It’s really painful sometimes to have to pull yourself apart like that.
        It definitely isn’t about, as I see this protocol and some others, torturing your child into a submissive state.

  30. My kid is not autistic and as a professional (psychotherapist) I can only imagine what parents with autistic child go through. I have a certain understanding that tehy turn to many alternative and “alternative” treatments. Desperation is a mother of odd choices. But I cannot understand how one can ignore that MMS is a bleach and give it to their kid. I would be scared. Even with the tiniest doubt that my critics may be right I would be scared to administer this to my child. Please, this si not about you and what you believe, but about your kid’s well being.

    1. Belief isn’t enough when deciding about health choices. Desperation can make us all do crazy things but cannot excuse a person continuing to do so in light of good information that shows those actions to be harmful.

      1. I agree, I think that lately parents choice of belief or philosophy is more important then than child’s health. But I also believe that these parents are blind with desperation and misinformation.

      2. I think the people with the good information aren’t such smooth talkers and the science can be dense. It isn’t easy to counter a slick sales pitch with dry facts.

  31. I have read thru all of the posts and concerns. The one thing that keeps sticking out and seems to be the crux of the problem with MMS is that people believe that MMS is bleach (the chemical makeup for bleach is NaClO In fact the chemical makeup of MMS (chlorine dioxide) is ClO2 as noted in previous posts. In the chemical world, these aren’t even close. Water (H2O) is closer to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Obviously those aren’t close, a single molecule changes things completely. Please take a look at this link from a Netherlands company on the use of Chlorine Dioxide. It talks about the uses……things like disinfecting water, cleaning vegetables, being food safe, etc.
    If you are going to disagree with the points above, please use facts, not “what you heard” or “rumors”. As an FYI, I am a 37 year old male that uses MMS and has had great results.

    1. This seems to be a common problem with people that are duped by MMS – their failure to understand that bleach has more than one solution –

      Another problem with that is presenting wikipedia as a source – it is a surefire way to demonstrate you haven’t got a better one.

      But the trope of demonstrating how H2O is different to H2O2 is a Red Herring as it has nothing to do with the fact that no matter how you spin it, Chlorine dioxide is a poisonous substance.

      It is also ironic that in a discussion about vaccines, you will likely claim how toxic mercury is to children, but it is a molecular mercury-containing compound used as a preservative in SOME influenza vaccines, not mercury – you don’t seem to be able to accept your own claims when talking about the differences between different chemical compound properties when you’re faced with that fact.

      By the way, your lenntech link says nothing about using Chlorine dioxide for medical treatment – it has a few industrial uses, but no medical treatments in sight.

      When you suggest using facts instead of anecdote, I suggest you first find a few that are relevant.

      1. I appreciate the link Pinestripe Apple. It only proves my point. This is from the link you posted above.
        What is chlorine dioxide?

        Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial pesticide recognized for its disinfectant properties since the early 1900s. Chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disrupting transport of nutrients across the cell wall.

        Chlorine dioxide smells somewhat like chlorine bleach. Chlorine dioxide should not be confused with chlorine gas. They are two distinct chemicals that react differently and produce by-products that have little in common

        If this product didn’t smell like bleach would you have a problem with it?

      2. There’s a reason mms smells like bleach. It is bleach. Are you being deliberately thick?

      3. How about that link? Oh, but of course, the FDA is in the pocket of “Big Pharma,” but that doesn’t really work when you think about it – if it works, it could rake in vast profits. I guess that’s why people are preying on the gullible with misleading information about its effectiveness as a medical treatment – for the cash that they can’t get working in REAL science.

      4. Pinestripe Apple is a great moniker, don’t you think? Do you think David called you that on purpose, or was he being funny? 🙂

    2. You’re assertion that MMS isn’t bleach only speaks to your credulity, Dave. Really, I don’t think a person who doesn’t know the difference between a molecule and an atom is the best source of information on chemistry.
      Thanks for dropping by.

    3. Please pick up a basic chemistry book sometime

      There is more than one type of bleach. Sodium hypochlorite (aka Chlorox) is but one of the. Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide are two others.

      A chlorite ion, ClO2- has a NEGATIVE charge. (It’s written as ClO2-), where each oxygen has a -2 charge, and the chlorine ion is a +3 charge. A sodium chlorite molecule is neutral charged due to the +1 from sodium.

      Chlorine dioxide is ClO2 and has no charge. Chlorine is +4 and each oxygen molecule -2. It’s used as a BLEACH in industry.

      Yes, it is a disinfectant… bleach works via hypochlorous acid (HClO) – which is what forms when it is mixed with water.

      When exposed to HClO the proteins in the cell are unfolded and damaged. This occurs in bacterial cells and in our own cells. (HClO is produced in our cells and is a cause of inflammation for humans).

      So congratulations on your willful damaging of your own tissues and cells.

  32. Autismum, you are awesome.
    Jessica may be right in saying that you are on separate paths, but it is the undecided parents that you are protecting by pointing out the lack of thought the biomed people have in embracing these pseudoscientific therapies without thinking about the dangers or the complete lack of evidence.
    There path is dangerous, yours is not.
    Keep up the good fight

  33. Autismum … my, oh my, what have you done? You’ve gone and set fire to the fuses on some silly women’s tampons, haven’t you? 😉

    But then again – the silly sods deserve it – bleaching their kids’ arses… well, if you need more matches for this job… I’m sure those of us who support your stance on this MMS bullshit thing will provide!

    As Mike above says, keep it up!
    *hands her a crate of matches – safety type, of course 😉 *

  34. David,

    I suggest you do a little more research, preferably use a chemistry book rather than pro-mms websites.
    what you are calling chlorine dioxide, does in fact have a negative charge. Thus it requires a sodium ion (with a positive charge) to balance the charge.
    Sodium ions plus what you call chlorine dioxide = sodium chlorite = bleach.
    Simple chemistry.

  35. I’m here researching MMS, trying to make sense of this information. I keep thinking the MMS nay-sayers could very well be right about MMS. MMS could be harmful. But how come all of you are saying Autism isn’t an autoimmune disorder or a digestive disorder? It seems to me it comes down to if you are mainstream or not. Gosh, I am not sold on MMS (have not bought it, have not tried it), but those of you with children with autism, do your kids not have chronic diarrhea or constipation? Do they not have food allergies. Are they not pale and gaunt, with dark circles under their eyes? Do their bodies really seem healthy, and it is only their minds that are affected? I am asking this in all sincerity, because the autism epidemic seems so obvious, and the digestive connection as well. But when you go denying all of these things, it makes me question all validity here. I was telling a lady the other day about the gut-autism connection. I started with, “Many children with autism have chronic diarrhea.” She cut me off and said, “Oh, yeah, that’s not the case with us because [son] is constipated all the time.

    Do tell me point blank, what is the digestion of your children like? I genuinely am curious.

    1. Because autism isn’t either of those things, it’s something that happens in the brain, not the immune or digestive system. In fact, it can be spotted with brain scans, certain patterns show up. In me, I have enlarged frontal and parietal lobes. I have no allergies, but I do have autism. Stop asking the parents of kids about what they think of autism, and start asking the scientists that study much larger populations of autistic people and work with larger population samples. Or ask people that have grown up with it, like me. See, nobody with autism suffers from autism, that is a misconception. The only suffering that’s going on is people that don’t have it who are suffering to understand it, and then those that do have it who have to suffer from the misunderstanding of poorly educated people who think it’s an autoimmune or digestive problem. Well… and I know this is difficult to fathom, but I am autistic, and I have no immune problems or digestive problems, and no allergies. And I’m far from the only one.

      Stop parroting Wakefield, and start reading some real science.

    2. As an Autistic person, Erin, I will answer your questions.
      Those of you with children with autism, do your kids not have chronic diarrhea or constipation?
      Yes, I do, due to unrelated non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and IBS.
      Do they not have food allergies.
      I have food intolerances, not allergies.
      Are they not pale and gaunt, with dark circles under their eyes?
      My anaemia was not caused by my Autism.
      The autism epidemic seems so obvious.
      The only epidemic is one of Autism being diagnosed as Autism instead of various personality disorders and mental illnesses.

  36. Have you ever considered about adding a little bit
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  37. Brilliant, scathing and funny! So glad I found your blog; you are a fiendishly sharp writer. And your son is adorable. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  38. I know these posts are old, but Allison, I’d like to get more info from you for my friend who is the mother of a severely autistic child, soon to be 17 yrs. old. She is at her wits end and will look at every piece of evidence, as well as other parents’ testimonials. And as for all the rest of you bashers and non-believers…there is such a thing as food-grade peroxide that can be taken safely. Not the stuff you get from the shelf in grocery stores. I know people WITHOUT AUTISM who take it regularly as it cleans toxins from their system! And I’m not going to argue with ANY of you! How many of you have viewed the videos she has referred to? Geez Louise! You are all parents of autistic children with the same desire. If your child had Downs Syndrome, to wish he or she was “normal” is NOT to say you don’t love your child or think he or she is imperfect! Cut it out!!! So, at the end of the day, I can say that special children are a blessing. But I would wager that before you got to the point of acceptance you, too, were looking for an answer. It’s extremely frustrating to be in a body that won’t do what you want when you want it to. Or to struggle to be understood because YOU know what you are trying to communicate but others haven’t yet learned your method of communicating. You should all be ashamed to judge those who are looking out of love. When they say their children are “better” than before they are not saying they were less worthy, they are saying they are communicating better, concentrating better, responding better. Check out some of these “testimonials” for yourselves instead of rejecting them out of hand. And, before there were such knowledgeable doctors to “practice” on us, people relied on remedies and cures and treatments passed down by word of mouth because they saw that they worked. How many doctors are telling you not to take the chemicals Big Pharma are pushing on us and instead use natural herbs and proper diet of uncontaminated foods? Many people have been cured of cancer and those who have cured them have been prosecuted and prohibited from curing anyone else!There is no $$$ in cures, and they will not support anything that does work. Research will go on in perpetuity…people will continue to die from cancer…children with reversible or curable autism will continue to suffer needlessly…if it works, it works. If these parents are satisfied that their children’s conditions have improved–not their children, numnuts–then who is harmed? And if there is something out there that might improve YOUR child’s condition and you won’t even look at it, then who is harmed? Certainly not you. And your child is still as loved, so in the end, not them either. Right? Right…OK.

    1. Food grade peroxide just means it isn’t contaminated. Peroxide is used as a bleach and sanitizer. It’s method of action is the same as other bleaches like chlorine. The dosage for food use is tiny. It is used to kill pathogens, that is all.

      Taking bleach does not “get rid of toxins”. In fact nothing does that except your lover and kidneys. Taking bleach will damage your gut wall lining.

      Do not use any bleaches except as directed for their intended purpose.

      People without autism also drink urine, turpentine, and colloidal silver in the mistaken belief it “gets rid of toxins”. It’s complete baloney. Don’t do stupid things just because other people do stuoid things.

      Testimonials is why people used to drill holes in skulls and use bleaches, to let the bad humours out. Before the modern era 50% of children died by age 5. The argument from antiquity seems bizarre. Why die like a medieval peasant when we have actual medicine?

      Then we get the cancer cure myth. Actually here is a lot of money inncyring cancer. What you think the ceo of a small biotech wouldmgive up being a millionaire because other companies treat cancer? What you think the governments of every country with universal health care like spending money on sick people? What you think the professor of pediatric oncology at the royal children’s hospital spent 50 years watching kids die to make money – in a public hospital,where he gets a salary!

      Don’t drink bleach.

      If you give bleach to your kids you should be prosecuted.

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