Comments Policy

1.  Comments are welcome whether you agree with me or not. I will point out once more that I speak for myself and no-one else. No-one else speaks for me. The views of individuals commenting on this blog are their own however sensible, however ludicrous.

2.  No Sockies. If you want to converse with yourself do it elsewhere. First timer comments always go into moderation, after that you are free to comment as you choose within the bounds of this policy. If, for some reason you have a comment languishing in the spam box (perhaps containing lots of links) please alert me to take a look at it if you think it’s been missed. I am the sole moderator of this blog and posts are published or removed at my discretion.

3.  Some posts have comments disabled because they are just direct links to other sites and nothing else. Please comment over at the sites to which these posts take you.

4. Stay on topic. Obvious attempts to derail threads will not make it through moderation or will be removed.

5.  Comments containing what  I  consider to be  over the top  bad language  will not be approved or the word(s) may be redacted with stars. This is entirely at my discretion.

6.  Just as comments may be redacted to remove swearing,  names that unfairly identify individuals may also be disguised. Again, stars will be used. For your own safety, do not post identifying information.

7.  Play nice. Don’t attack someone on basis of  their race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, disability,  taste in music (unless you can substantiate that they own at least one album by Chris de Burgh), age, appearance or weight. Anyone making threats will be banned and, if necessary, details handed to the relevant authorities.

8.  If you are thinking of posting a comment in praise of an autism “treatment” regimen that lacks proof and has potential dangers please read this article by Science Mom of Just the Vax before doing so. It’ll give you a good indication of the reception you’ll get.  You will be banned and/or your comment redacted or removed if you cite links to businesses or organisations offering biomedical treatments for autism with the purpose of encouraging readers to those sites to try whatever quackery is on offer there.

9. Spam me and you will be banned.

10. This is just a blog and not a doctor’s consulting room. I’m not an MD. Even if you are or are claiming to be, do not offer medical advice on this site. Further, be under no illusions that I consider NDs to be doctors: they are quacks.

Updated 29th Novemeber 2018

Revised August 2012