To the Secretary of State for Health

The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) is planning to hold a peaceful gathering outside the Department of Health on 9th May.
I believe the aim of this action is to raise awareness of their misguided idea that autism is caused by Lyme disease.
Like the hypothesis itself, therapies based on this notion, such as long courses of antibiotics, have but sparse anecdotal evidence in their support while the consequences of the inappropriate prescription of antibiotics is well documented in the medical literature and is certainly no trivial consideration.
Indeed, there exists no credible study that suggest the Lyme hypothesis has any validity. It is an idea which, like the long disproved vaccine-autism model, fails in the light of the increasing weight of evidence that the possible factors that increase the risk of a child being autistic are genetic and pre-natal in origin. There are many compelling studies to substantiate this including sibling studies, studies of parental age and even lifestyle factors.
While the causes of autism remain elusive, it is not sensible to consider all suppositions as equally probable. To this end I hope you will regard the demonstration of the LIA Foundation as nothing more than that of a fringe group of motivated and doubtless concerned parents vying for attention for their ridiculous hypothesis. Instead, we, the undersigned implore you to consider the day to day needs of people living with autism: people who, given support and opportunity can and do make a valuable contribution to their communities and society as a whole.
Your’s faithfully,



  1. Thank you, I needed the dose of sanity after a very trying weekend arguing with the blindly committed.

      1. Hi! Here are some of the best (in my opinion) rrcsueoes on that topic: Websites: The Discovery of Aspie’ Criteria by Carol Gray and Tony Attwood (If you’re looking for a message board to talk with other persons with autism).Books: Jerry Newport, Your Life is Not a Label: A Guide to Living Fully with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)Temple Grandin, Thinking In Pictures and Other Reports from My Life with Autism and Emergence: Labeled Autistic Edgar R. Schneider, Living the Good Life with Autism Stephen Shore, Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome William Stillman, Demystifying the Autistic Experience Best of luck to you!

    1. Autism is a psychiatric term and the dangiosis is the same whether you are an adult or child. If you fit the criteria then you are diagnosed as such. I am lucky my son got diagnosed at age 2. People who were not diagnosed as a kid, have to go through the same criteria- a professional to diagnosed you. You may be on the spectrum of the umbrella called PDD which is a Pervasive Development Disorder that branches off Autism and Asperger (which many people call High Functioning Autism. Most kids who are able to cope in society and function at your level (if you are) are considered Asperger or PDD NOS which is you have Autism characteristics but undetermined. Try the istes listed below and if you want to talk more connect to me at Yahoo360. Good Luck!

    2. oh dear, yes, we have a sensory skeeer here too, it can get a bit hectic alright!@Brigid hoping someone might make some of those ads for here!@jfb57, he is already a great help but it is important that we keep talking to him about autism, I know :)@DaniG, good for you :)@BigDaddy, that was my initial reaction too :)@TheHenrys, I hope they do help :)@Podgypixiejo, glad you found them good :)Thanks for commenting.Jen

  2. Here in the United States LLMDs (“Lyme Literate Medical Doctors”), have “broadened their base”. Not content to use *specialized* labs that use a Lyme Urine Antigen test…which is a totally bogus laboratory test…and treat people with prolonged courses of oral and IV antibiotics…they are now *prescribing treatments* to cure autism. The *treatments* include those antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen treatments in hyperbaric chambers, an assortment of special diets and supplements.

    Good on you Autismum, for speaking out on behalf of children who are subjected to these *treatments*.

    1. To my mind this is nothing more than delusional parasitosis by proxy. It’s just horrid.

  3. Dear Autism mum,
    I recently found out my ASD son had Lyme. The reason I had him tested as he was displaying such severe pain related behaviours that I simply had to try everything to find out what was causing it! We finally tried a Lyme test and we discovered he had Chronic Lyme! He has been on antibiotics for 3 months now (under the full support of my GP) and the pain, self harming episodes have all but gone!! and he is more focused, more sociable and more engaged and his speech is slowly improving!! Just thought you may be interested in that “ridiculous hypothesis”

    1. Lyme disease exists. It does not cause autism the idea that it does of even can is utterly ridiculous. I wish your son a speedy recovery.

  4. Have a look at this video:

    Treating Autism With Antibiotics

    And this paper:

    Long term antibiotic therapy may be an effective treatment for children co-morbid with Lyme disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder – Medical Hypotheses – Mason Kuhna, Shannon Gravea, Robert Bransfield, Steven Harris – 21 February 2012.

    Don’t be so quick to be sure about how Lyme can affect people.

    1. A You Tube video and an article from Medical Hyptheses? That “journal” prides itself on not being peer reviewed and has debuted many a crank idea for all the world to see. Must try harder.

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