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Goodbye, Lilady RN

“I don’t do Facebook,” Connie would say whenever I would share the latest drama or dust up on that platform. Advertisements

15 May, 2015 · 4 Comments

Peer Review and the MMR Scandal

When a study is submitted to a scientific journal, it goes through a number of stages, at any of which, its publication could be rejected. The editorial team check the … Continue reading

15 April, 2013 · 6 Comments

MMR and Autism – Our Story

This is a story like ones that thousands upon thousands of mothers with autistic children could tell about what happened when their child had the MMR vaccine. It is one … Continue reading

10 April, 2013 · 93 Comments

Overdosing Brain Cells With Stuff is Bad

This post is co-authored by the lovely science geek and bowling shark, Linda Tock.

11 December, 2012 · 10 Comments

“You can’t possibly know…”

Just in case it may have escaped anyone’s attention but I support vaccinating children on time, every time.

29 August, 2012 · 55 Comments


The wonderful, inimitable and take no prisoners lady who is Vaximom now has her very own Facebook page where she will be Crushing anti-intellectualism in a single bound. Often and … Continue reading

24 August, 2012

To the Secretary of State for Health

Sir, The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) is planning to hold a peaceful gathering outside the Department of Health on 9th May. I believe the aim of this action is … Continue reading

4 May, 2012 · 17 Comments

Great Post

Oh how I wish I’d written this: Dear Antivaxxer: This is why I do not care for you There’s loads more brill stuff at Skewed

29 March, 2012

Listen to Autismum!

I’m on the radio – I sound like a posh 14 year old! (I’m on at 13 minutes) Pythagoras’ Trousers episode #68 For more episodes of this brill  science and … Continue reading

21 February, 2012 · Leave a comment

To Mr Bigot

My little Pwdin is a force of nature. He’s tall, strong and very, very fast. This makes a trip to the park chasing him round and round for tickles exhausting … Continue reading

4 February, 2012 · 12 Comments

The Final Installment?

Last night,  just after I’d posted about the tit for tat exchanges over the Patriot Nurse’s statements in her now infamous You Tube video “Why this Nurse WON’T Vaccinate,” a … Continue reading

2 February, 2012 · Leave a comment

The Patriot Nurse (again)

According to the Patriot Nurse “A certain bunch of pro-vaxers have decided to engage in intimidation tactics. My employer was contacted and attempts have been made to affect [sic] the … Continue reading

25 January, 2012 · 36 Comments

The Patriot Nurse

The world of made up science is full of colourful characters. Perhaps this is why their nonsense gets so much attention. People are listening to and acting on the advice … Continue reading

17 January, 2012 · 37 Comments

Wakefield, MMR and Peer Review

This is an article I wrote last year examining how the fallacy that MMR vaccine causes autism gained traction:    Reviewers Reviewed.

8 January, 2012

Wakefield’s back – a rant

Sweaty Andrew Wakefield is suing the British medical journal for claiming his research into MMR and autism to be fraudulent.

5 January, 2012 · 60 Comments

Back to school – not too soon

Half term is officially over. Aidan is back at the college where he works and all my teacher friends are back in their schools too. Even so, my little Pwdin  … Continue reading

31 October, 2011 · 1 Comment

Vaccine Reactions – OW!

Rugby is a big deal in our house. It has to be – I live there. The Rugby Union World cup reached the quarter final stage at the weekend and … Continue reading

10 October, 2011 · Leave a comment

Tickling in the name of science

My Little Pwdin   is just back from school. Unlike millions of others I’m rather fond of Mondays. It’s the day I get to do a lot of writing, hoover up … Continue reading

3 October, 2011 · 2 Comments


By day the full time mother of an autistic toddler. By night the full time mother of autistic toddler. I am AUTISMUM! (less superhero, more  side-kick). Initially, I had no … Continue reading

26 August, 2011 · Leave a comment

My 1st Post!

When I decided to make this site I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to blog or not. It always struck me as a bit vain. After a bit thought, … Continue reading

18 August, 2011 · 3 Comments




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