The Final Installment?

Last night,  just after I’d posted about the tit for tat exchanges over the Patriot Nurse’s statements in her now infamous You Tube video “Why this Nurse WON’T Vaccinate,” a link in a post on a Facebook group broke some interesting  news.  The link went  straight to the Patriot Nurse’s page where she announced, also with the blue font that turns the arrow into a pointing finger (how appropriate) that her new video was out and would tell the world “what REALLY happened.”

This video, available for a few hours only was then made private. Here’s a short summary of what it contained:

  • The Patriot Nurse contends she was given to the choice to either remove the vaccine video or keep her job;
  • She chose to take it down – she has bills to pay;
  • She has not changed her mind about vaccines one iota;
  • She listens to what parents tell her because parents know their children best;
  • She thanks those who have  supported her for their thoughts, prayers and  good wishes. She also states that she  received thanks from parents of vaccine damaged children.
  • States the vaccine video (which was to be one of a series according to the nurse’s trumpeting of its release on her Facebook page) will be coming down in 24 hours.
  • Then she blathers on a bit more about toxins.

Not only has the video been taken down and this last one made private but the posts and threads announcing both have disappeared too. The comments after the Patriot Nurse’s latest release were, perhaps, not the unequivocal support she had hoped for. There were, of course, many who offered support and understanding, there were countless calls for her to get legal advice and fight her employer’s stance. There were, though, both on Facebook and in the You Tube comments section, posts by those  in disbelief that their heroine had capitulated so easily. Were I they, I would perhaps feel the same though I utterly understand the human dilemma the Patriot Nurse faced. They believed that this woman, who, at the start of her vaccine video categorically and courageously states that making this video may come “At a cost.” She, their Patriot Nurse, could bear said cost in a  demonstration of her beliefs and in the name of “free speech.” She has not.

The birthing centre at which, it is now clear,  the Patriot Nurse works never responded to mine nor anybody else’s enquiries as to whether or not she was on staff. I can understand their taking down the numerous Facebook messages and questions – that  is a public space  but not responding to a formal, written enquiry is unprofessional.  In a vainglorious  attempt to appear  a martyr for the cause, Rachel Greene used this silence on her employer’s part to cry intimidation and conspiracy when, in fact, no such thing occured.  Not great for the reputation of the establishment in which she works. She has damaged their public image with those who support her who believe they are bullying a member of staff and treating her unfairly and those who found the Patriot Nurse’s outpourings abhorant who believe that the centre should have been more open in dealing with this and state their policies clearly so that such rumours of management  intimidation could be dispelled.

There is at least  one  important and yet  unanswered question:  given that the Patriot Nurse remains on staff, how will the birthing centre ensure parents are not given  misinformation that could endanger the lives and health of their precious newborns?


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