Drowning doesn’t look like it does on TV

The weather here in Wales has been glorious these last few days which made me think it’s about time I reposted this. It’s always worth restating that drowning does not look like it does in films and on TV.

It’s a sad statistic but one of the leading causes of death in autistic children, and all children in fact, is drowning. Recent deaths of autistic children has brought this to mind in the worst possible of ways.

Please, before you get to the pool or head to the beach, take five minutes to read this article about the signs that a person may be drowning – Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning – or two minutes to watch this video It may surprise you.

Please remember that children can drown in their own homes and garden ponds.
If you need to administer first aid, this is what to do – First Aid, Drowning



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