Nadolig Llawen

The plan was that Pwd and I were going to make a little video to wish you all a happy Christmas and, for those not partaking of Christmas, a jolly merry Tuesday. However, after a long walk and tearing up my aunty Pam’s house, the Pwd is now nestled all snug in his bed – a good three hours earlier than he has been of late. I doubt it’s sugar plums he’s dreaming of maybe ducks. ┬áThere’ll be plenty of Christmas Pwdin soon but, until then I wish you all a peaceful holiday and lots and lots of love xx

The Pwd's 1st Crimbo
The Pwd’s 1st Crimbo
The Pwd's 2nd Crimbo
The Pwd’s 2nd Crimbo
The Pwd's 3rd Crimbo
The Pwd’s 3rd Crimbo
The Pwd's 4th Crimbo
The Pwd’s 4th Crimbo
This Crimbo
This Crimbo


  1. I’m growing impatient…awaiting that video. Has Pwd recovered from the Christmas festivities?

    Happy New Year.

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