Happy Father’s Day

Happy fathers day to all you wonderful dads out there and a happy fathers day to all you ladies who are mammy and daddy to your little monsters and little angels.

And to my hubby, the bestest daddy of them all, big cwtches from your Pwdin and big smooooches from me. We loves you biggly xx

To celebrate, here are my five favourite Daddy with autistic kids blogs. Many are about autism, some are not. I hope you have a peek at a few.

An Autism Dad – “Just some thoughts and ideas.”

Another Autism Dad – “My son Joseph (Jr), a 4 year old boy who was diagnosed with autism in August 2010.”

Autism Daddy – “a 42 year old dad with a 9 year old son with severe autism.”

It’s a Wunderful Life – “Life with Twins and Autism from a Dad’s Perspective.”

And, of course, though in a rather different vein.

Left Brain, Right Brain – “Autism news, science and opinion since 2003”



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