Autism Awareness Day

It’s almost the middle of the Easter holidays and I have my hands very full with a very lively Pwd. I thought there’d be no chance of getting anything out but then this happened:

Screenshot_2015-04-02-23-06-06 - Copy

If you’ll remember, we don’t do awareness in the O’C household. Blue light bulbs are apt for groups who think of Autism as an emergency or a disaster and for gawpers who just want to rubber neck and tut tut then┬ámove on to the next flaccid “awareness” campaign. For us, we wanted to stand with Autistic people so we walked in red. Red shoes for me, red top for dad and, the little man of the moment, the Pwd. It’s been a while. He’s done some growing.

11118471_1084050211608347_6667032227586185086_n 10403181_1084006604946041_7323884111872711684_n shoes



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