I Like Cat

Well, it’s been ages, hasn’t it? A combination of busyness and laziness has meant that I’ve neglected this blog for tooooo long. I’ve missed it. So, here is a bit of an update. You’ll see I’ve had my hands full.

We have a couple of new additions to the household. One of the Pwd’s incredible ladies has a big, old, black dog that our boy just loves. So, we now have a big, young, yellow dog that the Pwd just loves. Introducing, The Amazing Plotkin:


Plotkin was part of the family for just a couple of months when this little ball off ridiculousness was abandoned across the road from us. I saw that little face and just melted. She’s a real daddy’s girl, though, Plotkin seems to think she’s his pet and regularly annoys her with friendship.


As well as additions, we have suffered a loss. In January my Auntie Pam died after a long illness. She taught me so many things including my first dirty joke at way too young an age. She adored the Pwd and would let him run riot, as he is apt to do, through her house, tearing up catalogues and bouncing on the beds. We were always welcome and I will always remember her when I hear Roy Orbison or watch Robocop (the original, of course, her favourite).


super2In happier news, the boy is growing! and growing! and GROWING!!! He’s as full of fun as he as always been and a lot of hard work. Earlier this month, daddy and the boy completed the Big Moose Supertri. He’s now eating pretty well. Tangerines are his most favouritest food in the whole wide world. We have to hide them. Such a turn around from the paediasure dependent Pwd. He still loves his garlic bread and, to my astonishment, at Christmas, he even ate some dinner at the table: tumps of turkey and a pile of parsnips.

In the last day or two, the Pwd has made us aware of something. He’s a cat person. One cat in particular, the old man of the house, Jon Harvey (see featured image for this post). Here is my beautiful boy saying the first sentence he has ever said. In fact, having a very short conversation:


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