Bad Blogger

I know I’ve been rubbish lately and I promise a Pwd update soon.

The boy’s been a bit of a handful lately and we have pretty much had to redecorate much of downstairs due to his sudden dislike of wall paper. On top of that, the boilers at his school broke down and he was at home for much of last week. So, I’m playing catch up on decorating, work and sleep.



  1. “pinkamingos Do Not rule…according to the Pwd. He’s just biding his time for you to finish re-papering the walls…before he redecorates those rooms.

    Yay for Pwd….he rules !!! 🙂

    Daughter used to refer to the toilet paper on a roll in the recessed niche in the bathroom as “wall paper”.

    1. Well, we’ve painted over the paper in the lounge and got a lovely patterned 1950s sofa instead. Going to give the pinkamingos in the dining room one last go. There will be tears I’m sure – all mine.

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