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Le Mur – Uncensored

What a great start to 2012, the year France had declared it’s “national cause” to be autism. The film le Mur (the Wall) made by filmaker Sophie Robert is to be censored. It highlights the state funded torture of autistic people, mainly children, in the name of treatment. These “treatments” include the hideous Le Packing which I wrote about here.

This is the statement released yesterday by Support the Wall -Autism:

“The Wall” is censored and banned. The court has ordered Sophie Robert to remove the speech of the three plaintiffs from her movie. Furthermore, the court orders Sophie Robert to withdraw her movie from the internet. Otherwise she will have to pay 100 EUR per day to the plaintiffs.

Sophie Robert and her sole-proprietorship company “Océan Invisible Productions” are sentenced pay to at least 40 000 EUROS in damages and lawyers fees to the plaintiffs.

Sophie Robert has decided to appeal. Yet, she has to pay immediately the amount due.

You can view the uncensored movie here

For an excellent summary of the history of such treatments please visit CHILDMYTHS


6 comments on “Le Mur – Uncensored

  1. Michael Simpson
    30 January, 2012

    First you made me tear up out of beauty. Now I’m teared up for anger.

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  3. Bryce Gustison
    11 March, 2013

    New findings published in Pediatrics (Epub ahead of print) by the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders reveal that 70 percent of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who have a history of severe language delay, achieved phrase or fluent speech by age eight. This suggests that more children presenting with ASD and severe language delay at age four can be expected to make notable language gains than was previously thought. Abnormalities in communication and language are a defining feature of ASD, yet prior research into the factors predicting the age and quality of speech attainment has been limited. `

    My own, personal web portal

  4. gail roeshman
    29 May, 2013

    where can one view or purchase the full version?

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