R and M Williams

A huge part of why I haven’t had two minutes to blog is the upheaval in our house. That and a friend of mine started a not for profit – The CWTCh Network. The Pwd’s worrying behaviour, particularly that of a self injurious nature, has escalated dramatically over the last few months. So much so that, in the Summer my husband had to take a step down from his role to ensure that he could be at home for the duration of the Summer holidays. Money is pretty tight. We had to replace the Pwd’s standard bed with a Tough bed and they don’t come cheap, completely redo the kitchen so to make it safe and we still have to redo the bathroom because of the boy’s love of the wet stuff.
After months of wrangling, our local council agree to help us with some costs to adapting our home further. A wall has been erected from the bottom of the stairs to the upstairs ceiling to prevent the Pwd chucking himself over the bannisters or, worse, off the landing. A new, industrial fire door was put in to replace the internal front door because that is what take the brunt of the little one’s laps and two walls of his bedroom were to be padded to reduce the likelihood of further injury.

Despite many of these jobs being deemed an emergency, work requested in January was not scheduled until 11 th November. Come that date did anyone from R & M Williams, the company awarded the jobs turn up? Hell no. Did anyone call to explain why? Nope. Were phone calls returned? Eventually.

Put it this way, we are now into week 6 of what should have been a 4 day job. Delays have meant hubby having to take unpaid leave. The front door is unsafe, the Pwd’s bedroom, despite being measured four times, has no padding. Finally the day after Boxing Day the “emergency” “carpenter” sent to fix the door and the under stairs cupboard arrived. Anyone who knows me, or has any manners at all, would not speak over me. Anyone with sense would not come into my house and tell *me* what was going to happen then give me his job description. Yes, I did eventually tell him to “f**k off” when he didn’t “get out,” “leave”, “pop along” or “toddle off”.
Apparently, a child having access to dangerous cupboard and running into a poorly hinged door is not an emergency. He did finally toddle the f***k off, thankfully. We still have a dodgy door, no door on our meters as well as the list of jobs that have taken six weeks not to complete.
Rant over, for now.



  1. I totally feel for you.
    I hope the work gets finished really quickly.
    The work on my house took 18 months and is still not finished and the work was of really poor quality and started to fall apart straight away.
    Keep a diary of absolutely everything.
    Make written complaints for everything. At the end of the work you will definitely have plenty to fill in on the councils ‘how did we do form ‘.

  2. We had then years ago, never went as was expected, kept sending different contractors. I didn’t move out , good job I didn’t as we would have when no one would turn up. It’s a nightmare hopefully you will get it rectified soon.took 12 months for all our work( and to get the jobs put right after bad workmanship)

  3. Wow, I was beginning to wonder why you hadn’t been posting comments on the science blogs, Autismum.

    It is unconscionable, IMO, to have a ten months elapsed time frame to do what were deemed as “emergency renovations” for a disabled child…and then have to wait in anticipation for the work crew to show up.

    Hugs and kisses to you all (including the one-boy demolition expert). 🙂


    P.S. Congratulations and best wishes to your friend at The CWTCH Network.

  4. I’m sorry! Raising special kids is hard. I respect you.. I understand, at least parts of what you are going through. Mine isn’t autistic, but has issues that have considered on the autism spectrum.
    It is exhausting. You are the right parents for that child. This doesn’t seem like a comforting or relaxing thing, and it isn’t.
    Sending my love to you and yours
    Sherry in Maine (USA)

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