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Pwdin’s School Year

Tuesday was the Pwdin’s last day of school this academic year. Seems two minutes ago I was crying my heart out packing his bag for his first day.  He was part time in the Meithrin (nursery). In September, he will attend full time in the reception class (dosbarth derbynfa) which is, essentially, the same class he was in this year.

It has been a wonderful exeperience for the Pwd and everyday Hubby and I are so grateful he has a place in such a wonderful school not only because of its superb facilities but because of the energy, enthusiasm, expertise and, perhaps most importantly, the compassion of the staff. So, here’s the increasingly big Pwdin’s school year though  a super cute video made by his teacher and support staff to whom we are sending out a great big THANK YOU xx.


11 comments on “Pwdin’s School Year

  1. Lizzy
    18 July, 2012

    He is Simply too cute!
    I love him!

  2. Darwy
    19 July, 2012

    He just screams, “Come LOVE Me” each time I see him. I want to cover him in huggles and kisses.

  3. Autismum
    19 July, 2012

    Form an orderly queue for cwtches, ladies.

  4. lilady
    19 July, 2012

    Am I too late for the queue? Where’s my hugs and kisses? He’s just adorable.


    • Autismum
      19 July, 2012

      Thanks. He is so funny
      Took him to the school’s family centre today and just bolted down the corridor. He loves school and I honestly believe he’s loves there too

  5. Gill Callaghan
    19 July, 2012

    Big tear in my eye watching that….what a lovely little guy….. x x x

    • Autismum
      19 July, 2012

      You’ll have to come over, gill xx

  6. ruralhundredths
    25 July, 2012

    Oh he is adorable! And it looks they are doing a great job. I’m so glad he loves it there. I can see how he enjoys some of the activities. Would love a hug – can I join the queue?

    • Autismum
      25 July, 2012

      You’re in. Thank you. He’s such a huggable little thing too!

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