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Pwd’s 3 minute and 48 second School Report

First of all, a huge DIOLCH to Derek Bartholomaus, founder of the Anti-Vaccine Body Count. Back in the days when it was the Jenny McCarthy Body Count and I just started blogging, Derek linked here and got me my first readers. Being the totally lovely person he is, he did the blurring of the children’s faces and school details on this video made by one of Pwd’s equally fabulous teachers. Without this help, I wouldn’t be able to share Pwd’s school report here.

This was the boy’s first year in full time education. He was at the same special school last year in the meithrin/nursery for three days and two days on alternate weeks. The five day routine has been really good for him.  If you want to see just much progress he’s made check out last year’s video.

So, are you ready for almost four minutes of blow your socks off cuteness?

(Soundtrack is Technicolor Eyes by Backseat Goodbye)


9 comments on “Pwd’s 3 minute and 48 second School Report

  1. elburto
    22 July, 2013

    Owww my elburtovaries! Those cheeks! He’s a heartbreaker.

    Loving his sporty skills, he’ll be representing Team GB in the 2024 Olympics I reckon, if he keeps up with the trampolining.

    I am so so proud and pleased, what a fab start to your summer, eh? You guys must have just beamed while you watched it.

    Da iawn Pwd!

    PS – I’m officially an old woman at 35. because the soundtrack made me mentally curse the young ‘uns of today! I think it wks the jangly discordant backing, it takes my weird brain to weirder places.

    I’ll be drinking Sanatogen before I know it!

    • Autismum
      22 July, 2013

      Thank you so much. I cried (and flapped) when I first watched it. I’m so proud of my big, handsome boy and I’m so glad that school is on the same wavelength as us when it comes to their approach. Pwd’s autistic and no one is trying to change him or force him through therapies – in fact the bit where he’s clapping is what goes on all day and at home too – intensive interaction. It’s very natural and child led. It’s something we just “do” now plus interaction with the PWd is always intense, he’s that kind of boy!
      I had to change the soundtrack because of copyright issues and the song was one suggested by YouTube. I liked the “smart kid with a beautiful smile” bit and, yes, those eyes! If we could change the bit about watching Friends to Mythbusters then it would be even better still.
      And 35 is NOT old BTW!

      • elburto
        22 July, 2013

        Argh, my phone ate my reply!

        We love Mythbusters in this house, especially watery challenges.

        I flap when I’m happy too! Last night I was watching YouTube videos of black lab puppies and squealing, flapping, and rolling from side to side. The missus calls it “contacting the mothership”!

        Pwd’s school sounds amazing, and their love and commitment to their vocation is palpable when you look at Pwd’s progress. The Boyo’s an absolute credit to his mam and Dad as well of course. That light in his eyes when he’s happy is just radiant.

        I’m so glad that he’s got so much support and love, unlike those poor kids whose parents call them “broken” and just seem to give up on them.

        So here’s to Pwd Power, the proof that love and hard work makes a world of difference.

        Can’t wait to show Other Mrs elburto when she gets home!

      • Autismum
        22 July, 2013

        Aww! Thank you. He’s the bestest boyo in the whole world even when he’s being the baddest boyo 🙂

  2. Eileen Riley Hall
    22 July, 2013

    I love this video! He is amazing and adorable. I wrote a piece for my local paper and it was published today. I think you will really like it! Please read it if you get a chance, and share if you like it!

    • Autismum
      22 July, 2013

      Thanks. I will do xx

  3. Darwy
    23 July, 2013

    Pwd is, as always, so stinkin’ full of live and love, I just need to roll him in kisses and cover him in cwtches.

  4. lilady
    24 July, 2013

    What a delightful video of Pwd. He’s made a lot of progress, compared to last year’s video; fine motor skills and really engaging in his environment and with his ladies.

    Elburto, (Shhhh), I will be exactly twice as old as you on Sunday. 🙂

    Eileen, Your lovely and loving article about Caroline is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi Darwy: I too am jealous, because I don’t have the opportunity to cover Pwd with hugs and kisses.

    • Autismum
      24 July, 2013

      He’s big into kisses at the moment. Pinches my lips together then puts his forehead on them. Cute, but it does hurt a bit! And he’s the cwtchiest boy on the planet- when we go shopping he stands in the shopping trolley with his arms around me. It makes progress pretty slow but I’m not going to say no to all that love.
      I’ve been trying to upload a video of the Pwd working on his iPad. It’s amazing. Without that technology I seriously doubt we’d have a clue about just how clever my little cookie is.
      Penblwydd hapus for Sunday, Lilady xx

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