Autismum at Skeptoid

As well as posts about the Pwd and my usual rants and raves about things autism and vaccine related, you…

The Pwd’s Progress

Yesterday evening, hubby and I went to our little Pwdin’s school to discuss his IEP (individual education plan) and IBP…

Self Injurious Behaviors

I’m putting a link up to this blog post because I think it is hugely important. “Self injurious behaviors (SIBs)…

Akian’s Story

A guest post by Chris McKee further highlighting the need for cameras in special needs classrooms

Back to School – Phew!

Tuesday saw the Pwdin go start back at school. This year he will attend full time and I’ve got to…

Your Baby’s Best Shot

Your Baby’s Best Shot: Why Vaccines are Safe and Save Lives by Stacy Mintzer Herlihy & E. Allison Hagood


The wonderful, inimitable and take no prisoners lady who is Vaximom now has her very own Facebook page where she…

Guggie and her Gaggle

I know that this is off the usual topics of autism, Pwd, quackery and, most recently builders but


On one hand, I’m finding it hard to believe that Autismum is a year old today.