I just like flamingos.

Autistics Speaking Day 2012

Well, the Pwd doesn’t have any words at the moment but he does have an awful lot of soul!

For much, much more go to the Autistics Speaking Day 2012 website.


6 comments on “Autistics Speaking Day 2012

  1. Susan
    1 November, 2012

    What do I think? I think that’s just the sweetest most angelic little face I’ve ever seen! Precious.

    • Autismum
      1 November, 2012

      Aww, thank you. He’s such a star xx

  2. lilady
    2 November, 2012

    He does have “soul” and a whole lot of personality. Thanks for sharing Pwd’s latest video.

  3. Darwy
    11 November, 2012

    He is absolutely so stinkin’ precious I just want to cuddle him up and smother him with cwtches.

    • Autismum
      11 November, 2012

      He’d bite you. I think it means “I love you too” these days

      • Darwy
        11 November, 2012

        I’d still smother him in cwtches. It’d be worth the nibbles. Or chomps.

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