An Update

Feeling a bit of pressure to impress writing this post. The nomination as a favourite autism blog on has brought lots of new readers and even followers to this pretty humble blog. Please note, it’s the blog that’s humble, this opinionated little flower is claiming no such thing for herself. More than that, through the Babble poll I’ve been having a good old mooch around other blogs – some completely new to me, others I’ve always enjoyed but neglected recently and yet others I’ve been to and forgotten just how good they are.  More than anything though, I’m feeling a bit inadequate.

I know some regular readers love my rants and some regular readers hate my rants. I think, maybe every post should come with a rant rating (I could trade mark that!). This one might rate as a one or two out of five and will, I hope, serve as an update on lots of Pwdin related things.

Remember when Pwdin went wandering? He got out of the house and was missing for about half an hour when a worker for a contractor for a major UK utilities company didn’t close the front doors securely. Since then, there has been a great deal or correspondence and a visit from some senior executives of the contracted company. Two smart  suited gentlemen came to our house with big bags of play pit balls and a pop up ball pit. Naturally, Pwdin was rather pleased with this, so much so he exposed one of the gentleman’s belly and gave him a good tickle. I think, in the short time they were in his company they could see what a precious Pwdin I have. What a loving, funny and extremely vulnerable little boy he is. They have pledged to address the safety of vulnerable customers in an up coming meeting and have asked for my input. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me (here or on the Born This Way Autism Facebook page – what? you haven’t joined yet? What are you waiting for?).

The ball pit and balls were a great gift for a little Pwdin who loves soft play. This is the second week of the Easter holidays and, on Monday,  Hubby and I took the bouncy boy to a local soft play centre, Jazzy Jungle. He always gets a lovely welcome here and has become quite a regular. His wonderful chilminders who give us two, three hour blocks of respite care each week, often bring him here for a run and a bounce about. Monday was a little different though.

While playing with me on the bouncy castle a very pretty little girl approached Pwd. She talked to him for a while but looked at me perplexed when he made no reply. “He doesn’t talk.” I said. “He loves singing though”

“My Mum likes Michael Jackson,” the girl replied. “He’s having fun because he’s smiling.”

For the next hour or so, that little girl played gently with Pwdin and talked to him. His silence didn’t silence her and her tone was not one of pity. She’d ask him a question like, “Do you like that?” as she threw balls on top of him in the ball pit and stopped to look at his face. It was just for an hour, but for that hour, Pwdin had a friend.



    1. Thank you. I don’t think nice kids are accidental. I had to tell her mum what a special little girl she has xx

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