Three little words

Maybe this has something to do with Pwd and KaBoom tearing up carpets then tearing up the flooring we bought to replace the carpets but, Hubby, my little Pwdin and I seem to spend a lot of time in B & Q (for my international readers [I have a few now – thanks for being here] B & Q is a big chain of hardware stores).  Last week my little Pwdin said “torst” as he reached for a piece of toast in B & Q’s cafe. I’ve mentioned before that garlic bread and toast are about all the little fella consumes by way of proper food and the lovely ladies at the store make a big fuss of him while serving up a couple of slices of the hot, buttery stuff.
We communicated his new found communication skill to his teacher via his home-school book.  The reply came back that, during the day, Pwd had been asking for “tickoo” – tickles.
My little Pwdin has been using his new found words with accuracy and great enthusiasm. I’ve also mentioned before how much that boy loves the sound of his own voice!  Last night he excelled himself yet again. He came up to me with his bottle and put his arm on mine. Taking the bottle out of his mouth he said, “Tootch.” I was stunned into tears. Pwd repeated, “tootch,” and his big soppy mammy picked him up and held him so tight- still crying happy tears. Cwtch – the word Pwd can almost say – is a Welsh word for big, tight warm hugs full of love.

Some classic cwtches



  1. Blogs shouldn’t make me tear up. My daughters are grown up and they think their dad is strange, even if he can Tweet and use an iPhone. I’m going to teach them that their dad still needs cwtch. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

  2. Few mothers can truly appreciate words our children say. Troy said a few with many mimiced words as well.. For some reason when I pulled him off diary, we lost them all, but one.


    Only said when he is sad and crying.

    I don’t understand the connection, but he hasn’t had a seizure since and he no longer throws up.

    Mom, the best word in the world to me.

    I share in your joy, with a lump in my throat.

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