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It really has been ages since I last wrote a proper blog post. Ok, there’s been stuff about Wakefield and scientology (which was a bit off topic but, still). Having left it so long and now Christmas being well and truly passed gives me the opportunuty to review a few of those Christmas prezzies now they’ve seen a bit of use.

We had a lovely time this year – the first in our new home and my little Pwdin was, of course, spoiled rotten. We didn’t buy him loads of presents but, this Christmas, everyone seemed to get the idea that, though he’s nearly four, baby toys are more suitable and enjoyable for him than those geared towards other boys of his age. He loved his bubble machine – a gift from the WARC – and takes it to bed with him. Hubby and I bought him an in car DVD player. We only put it on if he’s having stress about getting into his car seat. Often, with a little help from Mr Tumble, peace can be restored.  Definitely a good buy. To be fair, all of Pwdin’s friends and family got him lovely things. There were a few surprises in terms of what he really took to. My beautiful nieces and gorgeous nephew (who would be even more gorgeous if he cut his hair so we could all see his big brown eyes!) bought Pwd, among a pile of other things, a little toy hedgehog called Hugo. Generally, Pwd can’t abide furry toys and simply won’t touch them but this little fella had something about him Pwd couldn’t resist and was carried around in mouth or hand for hours. It’s Pwdin’s cousins who are the creators of my  ginger bread Hubby (below).

Since then things have been busy and snotty. Honestly, I’ve never had as many colds and bugs as I have so far this Winter. Perhaps they’re breeding better in the milder temperatures or maybe it’s a combination of that and husband and son bringing back germs from school and work.

Just about getting back into the swing of my own work. I’ve been stupidly lazy lately but enjoyed a lot of reading if not much writing. I am loving audio books beyond measure. Bought myself a little present of a pillow with speakers in and I cwtch up in bed with a good book on while I wait for Pwdin to wake up and start running his laps of the bedroom. It also means I can finish a few books Pwd destroyed either by tearing them up, throwing them on to the porch roof or, in one instance, putting it in the toilet. Three years old and already a critic!


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