Colin Brewer Update

Vile Cornish Councillor, Colin Brewer, is now under being investigated by the police for matters relating to his hateful comments about children with disabilities. Thank you to everyone who sent in a complaint. I hope they throw the book at him.

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  1. Absolute filth.

    As someone who belongs to a few marginalised groups, I know only too well that many people who wouldn’t dream of. issuing homophobic statements, for example, don’t think twice about unleashing a torrent of ableism.

    The rhetoric about “scroungers”, the ConDemns and their insistence that disabled people have caused the recession (not billionaire tax cheats or bankers, oh no!) has only emboldened people who think we’re subhuman. After all, they now have permission, from the highest office in the land no less, to ensure that we’re only too painfully aware of how burdensome we are, how unworthy of life.

    I haven’t left this bed since last February, haven’t seen the sky or breathed outside air, and it pains me to say that it’s almost been a relief sometimes, safe from the horrors visited on some of my friends.

    I’m sure this investigation will end with a slap on the wrist, rather than what he might face had he demanded that black/minority ethnic people, or LGBT people be euthanased.

    What worries me is that while he’s stupid enough to voice his abhorrent views, there are certainly legions of people who, thanks to the last few years of tabloid demonisation of anyone with a disability/MI/who’s non-NT, are in complete agreement with him.

    Sorry this got long, but the way we’ve all been totally dehumanised is chilling in its efficiency.

  2. Have you seen what the b*stard’s said now? He told the Disability News Association that doctors should be able to kill disabled babies, like farmers do with “deformed lambs”!

    I cannot believe it. In the next breath he’s all “I’m a Christian, I believe in the sanctity of life”. The NERVE of the man.

      1. Haha I know, some muppet tweeted me a link to a. “new” post. Muggins here was woken five hours early by an unexpected delivery (electric wheelchair!!) and didn’t check the dates.

        Ahem. Sorry! I’d bloody read your originals as well. That’ll teach me to turn my phone’s WiFi on after no sleep and a gutful of pills.

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