House Keeping

It’s been a while since this blog was particularly active and, in the meantime, the theme I was using has become unsupported, so, I’m giving Autismum a makeover, she needs it, the old girl.I sort of know my way around CSS but I’m pretty rusty so please be patient with little glitches and tweaks and what-not.

The series on Christopher Coulter will continue, Monday most probably. I have a stinker of a cold and am going to use the time while my head’s too numb to think to try to update and sort out this site. On that note, I’ve unpublished out of date pages and will update others as and when I can. Comments left months and months ago have, largely, been deleted.

Thanks for your patience.

Image, Wikimedia Commons



  1. Dear Autismum, sorry about the head cold. I have one VERY STRONG recommendation for that, namely the nonprescription medication AirBorne. It is full of Mg and Zn that support the immune system, plus a bunch of secret herbs and spices that actually seem to work on colds. If you read my paper on the Secret Lives of HHV-6, you will find that I recommend AirBorne as part of the 4-part treatment for MS. It might also help underage vaccinees to avoid getting autism via the MMR. Try it – you’ll like it.

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