Being Autistic by Kyriolexy

This poem is just beautiful.  Everyone should read it whether you think autism affects you or not. Read the full post here: Autistics Speaking Day | Kyriolexy.

Being autistic is being set up to fail again and again, and having your inevitable failure attributed to your disordered brain.
Being autistic is being set up to fail again and again, and succeeding anyway and having your success attributed to treatments.
Being autistic is succeeding anyway, and being told that your success doesn’t matter because you still aren’t what your parents wanted.
Being autistic is having strangers pity your parents because of you.
Being autistic is having strangers express their pity in your hearing, because you obviously can’t understand them.
Being autistic is being bullied and abused every day and being sent to therapy for it, because you’re the one whose social skills are considered lacking.
Being autistic is expressing what you think, feel, and desire, and being told that you are in denial.
Being autistic is having other people dictate how you really feel.
Being autistic is being denied the things you enjoy “for your own good.”
Being autistic is being told so many times that your pain is pleasure and your pleasure is pain that you come to believe it.
Being autistic is being driven to extreme frustration every day, and being autistic is having the frustration inflicted on you blamed on your autism.

Kyriolexy *



  1. Thanks lovely! I’ve been reading your blog and it’s excellent! The Tennyson referrences make me an instant fan!

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