Last week and this

Been thinking that Monday might be a better day to post a few musings rather than closer to the weekend because:

  1. My little Pwdin is in school and I could do it in the day time;
  2. After school days Pwdin  goes to sleep a bit earlier;
  3. I won’t be having a glass of wine and getting all emotional.

So, here I am again on a Monday. I was going to post on Friday but I’d spent the days before writing articles about 9/11 and it got me pretty upset and down. It may seem trite to say it but my heart really was with those who lost someone that day. Didn’t want, what was, a good week for Pwd seeming as dismal as my mood.

Last week, my boy started at nursery in special school. He had a brilliant time. On the first day he did rebound therapy which involves a trampoline and bouncing LOTS so perfect for someone with as much energy as he has. The next day the class did sticking and glueing. Apart from his hair to his forehead I’m not sure what Pwd stuck down. All in all, he had the best of starts.

For two mornings a week, three hours at a time Pwd gets respite care with two child minders, Denise and Pauline. He needs two-to-one attention because of his tendency to run off and the difficulty in moving him from one activity to another. Taking him out by myself is terrifying. You never know what will trigger a Pwdin-Panic. I know some of the stimuli: enclosed shops, staying still too long…but if I took him somewhere that involved taking him out of his major buggy I’d never get him back in again. It takes me, his dad and serious bribery to get him in his car seat and I have to always sit in the back to keep a check on him channelling Houdini.

His respite arrangements have changed and I know his new carers are lovely and get on very well with Pwdin but even if she doesn’t read this I’m going to thank Aunty Mel, his previous carer. She really got him. People think they’ve connected with Pwd when,often, they haven’t. When Mel would come to the door he’d run, take her hand and pull her out of the house and off on an adventure. Thanks Mel for all you’ve done for all three of us.

Pwd, I think, is getting the idea of where he’s going in the mornings and it’s no trouble getting him into his buggy for school. Our sausage dog, KaBoom misses him terribly when he’s gone though, scratching at the front door and then mooching around whimpering. They’re becoming a bit of a double act that boy and his dog. Incidentally, KaBoom is cwtched up on the arm chair with me right now. Just like his boy, he’s lush!

Pwd starting school as given this little family some routine again. I felt adrift over the Summer. Playgroups and such stopped and the weather was too unpredictable to really plan anything. We only bought our house in March and now there’s a busyness to it unrelated to decorating or cleaning up the mess from decorating. It feels like home.


In case I get accused of favouritism, here’s our beautiful, gentle and far too clever cat, Jon Harvey


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