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As I’ve mentioned before, my little Pwd will only eat garlic bread and toast. He loves the toast in B&Q’s cafe (I promise I’m not on commission) so we took him for some this lunchtime – we had a few things to get anyway.

When the toast arrived Pwd got very excited and started kicking his legs. He reached for his lunch and said, “Torst!”

He said, in his own cute way, “Toast.” He said “Torst”  three more times: once when I was buttering it, once when I was handing him a piece and then when I held the second piece up.

I am unbelievably chuffed and very proud of my clever, clever Pwdin bach.




  1. Look, I don’t know if this will help – how would I know? It may be totally irrelevant.

    But one of the big mysteries throughout my life, and I’m not on the spectrum, but I am epileptic so not neurotypical, is why I don’t eat toast at home, but am addicted to it in hotels. It’s taken me 66 years to work this out.

    The reason is, I worked out 2 weeks ago, that I don’t like toast that has been buttered while it’s warm. I like toast that’s cooled, and that I can apply butter to without it sinking in. It’s so much better.

    Almost 67 years’ old. You’d think by now I’d have worked out the complex toast issue!

    How stupid am I?

    Hope your son is rather less stupid!

  2. You crack me up!
    I’m funny with my food but not especially picky. I have to eat everything in a certain order. I can’t just tuck into a lasagne, I have to scrape out all the layers first

  3. I am the total opposite with toast… it has to be hot when the butter goes on or I cannot eat it!
    and if someone interupts my toast making and it cools, even slightly I have to start again.
    I do not eat toast in work because of this, I will not allow anyone to make me toast.
    I am neurotypical.

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