Self Injurious Behaviors

I’m putting a link up to this blog post because I think it is hugely important. “Self injurious behaviors (SIBs) … More

Akian’s Story

A guest post by Chris McKee further highlighting the need for cameras in special needs classrooms

Guggie and her Gaggle

I know that this is off the usual topics of autism, Pwd, quackery and, most recently builders but

Yeah, that!

Just the Vax has been one of my favourite blogs for a very long time now. I learn a lot from Catherina … More

Le Packing – Pack it in

When Bruno Bettelheim proposed his theory, inspired by Leo Kanner, of the refridgerator mother, predictably, therapies were devised  to “thaw” … More

Wakefield’s back – a rant

Sweaty Andrew Wakefield is suing the British medical journal for claiming his research into MMR and autism to be fraudulent.