Thank You Gay People and Legislators

According to Republican politician Susanne Atanus autism is because gay people and because same sex marriage,

if I’m paraphrasing correctly. If this is so, then, thank you LGBT lovelies and legislators who have helped make same sex marriage a thing. Thank you for him:beatiful boy
It would be amazing if the Pwd turned out to be gay and could control the weather and others’ neurology. I’d better stay on his good side just in case, as, according to Atanus, he might give me dementia.



  1. OMG, did you view that videotape? Not only does Antanus have blatant prejudices, she is clueless about autism. Too bad I don’t live near Illinois, so I could go to one of her campaign functions to question her about her inane remarks.

    We must really be blessed by G-d; me with my son and you with Pwd.



  2. Ha, ha, ha! Gotta love the sarcasm you express in this post. Unlike most (it seems) Neurotypical parents of Autistic people, you are a brilliant spokesperson for Neurodiversity Acceptance.

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