I just like flamingos.

And the winner is…

Thanks everyone who took part in my little competition. It seems you’d like to see more rants and more of Pwdin. I can do that.

I have to make a confession. Having the Pwd draw out the winner didn’t quite go to plan, so the winner is the name that was last to be pulled from the sandwich bag of fate and thrown on to the lawn – as you will see…

For those of you who’d like more than a virtual cwtch, these cushion (should be cwtchion) covers are available from Etsy. Thanks to Samantha of the Nest UK who made the cushion and got it to me in time for the competition.

The video is a bit narrow sorry – the Pwd got his hands on my phone and I’m not sure what he did to it or how to fix it!



3 comments on “And the winner is…

  1. Darwy
    18 August, 2012

    Congrats Katie!

    Pwd is such a cutie!

    • Autismum
      18 August, 2012

      The winner is…the only person who didn’t get drawn out of the bag.
      Thanks for taking part and the support you’ve given me here and at RI (((CWTCH)))

      • Darwy
        19 August, 2012

        That’s what friends do; give support – whenever and wherever it’s needed!

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