I just like flamingos.

The Garden is Done!

The video you (well, we at least) have all been waiting for…

…the garden is finished all but some pretties and a few pinkamingoes and the little Pwdin loves it.  We let him at it for the first time this afternoon and he was overjoyed. He loved having a stim with his catalogue  on the grass.

Just after I shot the video hubby and I sat in the garden with a curry (with plenty of chilies) and shared a celebratory lager. Even Jon Harvey wanted to join in. It’s been quite a transformation.



7 comments on “The Garden is Done!

  1. Darwy
    22 July, 2012

    Pwd looks so happy on the grass with his catalogue! The back yard looks wonderful and I’m sure you all will get a lot of enjoyment from it!

  2. Chris
    22 July, 2012

    Yippy! It is lovely.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should post online the blackmail picture of my then two-year old daughter brushing mud all over herself when we were doing our garden. She is now eighteen, and would be mortified.

    • Autismum
      22 July, 2012

      Do it! Do it!

  3. lilady
    23 July, 2012

    The garden is lovely, Autismum…but why, oh why, did you cut his baby tresses?

    Enjoy your garden and enjoy Pwdin. How large were those celebratory lagers?


    • Autismum
      23 July, 2012

      It had to be done – it was getting shaggy and though that’s too cute he also gets glue and stuff in it. He gets it cut in school these days as he won’t let us near him with clippers. Besides, you can see all of his handsome face now and give it a couple of weeks and the tufty tot will be back. xx

      • Darwy
        23 July, 2012

        Matthias had beautiful ringlets as a toddler, but they had to be cut after a while

        He doesn’t like clippers either, but he’s due for a new buzz. Like Pwd he loves to come home covered in sand, dirt and glue (sometimes all three at once).

        He’s had sand caked to his scalp before. How he managed that, I have no idea.

        Generally speaking, you can tell how happy a boy is by how dirty he comes home from playing.

        Matthias is a very, VERY happy boy most days…

      • Autismum
        23 July, 2012

        As well as my little Pwdin I am so lucky to have two nieces and a nephew. The Pwd has thick golden hair like my oldest niece, a sense of humour and laugh like my youngest niece and, though my nephew will not admit to having it, a lovely singing voice just like his. The nose is dad’s and the temper, that’s mine!

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