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The Garden part 3

A further update on the progress of making the garden Pwdin friendly. Yes, my house is a mess!


2 comments on “The Garden part 3

  1. Chris
    26 June, 2012

    Ah, that brings back memories of when we doing the house and garden. The boys found the bits of the hot water insulating wraps to use as floppy swords, and I have blackmail pictures of my daughter painting herself in mud while the garden was being built. When they were in secondary school we finally painted the walls, eliminating much of their artwork (though we kept the tiny blue hand prints behind a sofa).

    (While I often had to deal with art supplies, my dear daughter would pull off her diaper and pee under a desk in the only room with carpet, and she is neurotypical!)

    And your house looks positively neat compared to what mine did for a while. And it is pristine compared to where my 21 year old son lives (who has to move out by Saturday, but has no days off… so I am going there tomorrow before he takes off for work to get some of his boxes).

    • Autismum
      26 June, 2012

      I’m currently gathering up all the artwork Pwd has done since starting at school and will photograph it for a review of his year. I have to be honest the upheaval isn’t phasing him a bit but is doing my head in – I like to have everything in its place. On top of the garden, the hall, the kitchen and dining room, I thought it’d be a brilliant idea to redecorate our bedroom and then we decided that it really was time to tackle the floor in Pwd’s room (we’re getting rid of any carpet throughout the house as that’s where he likes to smear his poo). My DH has just got back from A&E after gashing his head when the boy’s bed slipped from where DH had propped it to lay bouncy rubber tiles underneath – we had saw the legs off as Pwd was chucking himself off it. Arrgh! I need (and am most definitely going to have) a beer. xx

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