I just like flamingos.

The Garden part 2

Frustration, infuriation and plenty of other annoyingness! Still not much of a change but we’re getting there far more slowly than should be necessary but we are making some progress.


6 comments on “The Garden part 2

  1. Linda Tock
    20 June, 2012

    Hrmm… put in a cup and you’d have a lovely putting green!

    I can’t wait to see Pwd out running amok!

    • Autismum
      20 June, 2012

      And he will!

  2. lilady
    22 June, 2012

    They are making some nice progress and the completed landscaping and the deck will be very enjoyable. I’m sweltering here in NY…temperatures topping out at 94 degrees F. Oh well, all that money we saved for heating bills, due to a very mild winter, will be paying for the air conditioning.

    Is that Aiden actually constructing the deck…lucky you. DH, in spite of many fine qualities, does not have those carpentry skills.

  3. Linda Tock
    22 June, 2012

    Lilady my mother was complaining about the temps in NH – it hit 100 there yesterday, apparently – and she doesn’t have A/C.

    However, she’s lucky enough to live close to a reasonable sized body of water to go swimming in, so there’s a bonus there.

  4. Linda Tock
    22 June, 2012

    And yes, Autismum is lucky to have a hubby that can swing a hammer. Mine isn’t so ‘hands on’ in that manner.

    • Autismum
      22 June, 2012

      He has his uses ;p

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