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The Garden – the beginning

My Little Pwdin loves to run around…and around…and around. Unfortunately, as much as he loves to run around he likes to put yucky things in his mouth like dirt and stones and bits of wood. We bought this house about a year ago and very quickly it became clear that the garden was more of an issue than we ever had imagined. It’s a lovely big space but very uneven which isn’t great for the Pwd as his depth perception is pretty poor. We also encountered a big unforeseen: just how much that kid loves dirt. We, basically, abandonned our garden last Summer after wave after wave of bad tummies from eating the grass and the ground.

Internally, our house is great. It’s a 1950’s ex-local authority house in a very settled area where the homes around us are also, now, privately owned. These houses were built to last and built for families. Each room is a decent size and we’ve even been able to give Pwd his very own playroom with a little cloakroom in it. However, as you will know by now, the boy has torn up several layers of flooring and sees the units separating the kitchen from the dining room as a challenge not a partition. With all this in mind, and with funds of our own totally exhausted – in the main from patch up jobs – we applied to our local council for a disabled facilities grant. With a lot of persuasion by us, Pwd’s teacher (who is brill beyond brill), his special needs health visitor and occupational therapist(s) we have been allocated a grant.

In the garden, a row of tree stumps are going to be removed as is a great big one in the middle and that area is going to be covered in artificial grass. Our fencing is going to be strengthened in the areas where the Pwd has almost brought it down by running at it when doing his laps. The rest is up to us. So far, we have decided to go for artificial grass on the patio as well. It’s less slippery than decking and this lap running area needs a bit of bounce. As for the other bit, we’re going to have to look to see what our finances will stretch to. There was talk of doing the whole of that level but that’s been reduced.

Inside, we’re having a wall put up between the kitchen and the dining room and new, non slip flooring in the dining room and hallway. It might look like leisure centre flooring but as long as it’s safe and lasts more than a month I’ll be pleased. So, here’s the first video. The before of the garden:


2 comments on “The Garden – the beginning

  1. Astroskunk
    30 May, 2012

    Looks like alot of work I wish you success with the project. If your looking for a place to find artificial grass can I suggest this directory I came across

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