I just like flamingos.

Just a short one

Sorry that there hasn’t been a post this week. I’ve started it more than once but got very emotional writing it. Before you all worry (you are wonderfully caring readers, I’m so lucky) the whole family is  well. Pwd has a touch of hay fever like he does this time every year and my back is still, as my hubby would say, banjaxed but other than that we are, as he would also say, grand.

So, for all of you needing a bit of Pwdin, here are some pics taken recently. You’re right, he is lush!


2 comments on “Just a short one

  1. lilady
    22 May, 2012

    So sorry you are still bothered by bad back, Autismum. Pwdin is so cute and thanks for sharing the great pictures XXX

  2. Autismum
    26 May, 2012

    He certainly is adorable xx

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